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On Sep 07, 2013 3:06 PM LogansDad wrote:

Hello Laura

Really good to hear that Cousteau is feeling better.

I've heard good reports of Deramaxx, but have no direct experience of it.  It's not an NSAID that's available in the UK.   I am a member of another forum, many members of whom use Deramaxx and were very pleased with the results. It was hard to get hold of at one point. I hope you can get it into CR.  Previcox is another option (not sure if I've prev mentioned that) - it's another COX-2 specific inhibitor NSAID.  Some report that it has fewer side effects than Piroxicam, but Logan didn't tolerate even the former that well :-(.

Good that you've discussed the vinblastine dose with the Purdue vet.  Although Logan's not that small (just under 60lbs) he couldn't cope with even a 2.8mg dose and we went between 2.0 and 2.2 for him.

The new laser procedure sounds interesting, but I understand the concerns you have about the travelling, etc.  However, yes, another option to have.    Stenting has its pros and cons (forgive me if I've mentiuoned before - don't always have time to check what I've previously posted!).  It can  literally be a life saver for some dogs if carried out by a surgeon with enough experience of this procedure. Of course it requires a gen anaesthetic which can bring its own set of probs, especially if the dog is a senior.  Also, sometimes a stent has to replaced, if the tumour spreads. Infection is sometimes a concern, too, as is the likelihood of some incontinence.  Having said all of that.....it gives some dogs a new lease of life!

Diet sounds good!   We use goats' milk to help wash down some of Logan's supps given by mouth.  It is a lot easier on the tum than cows' milk (something to do with smaller molecules, I'm lead to believe).  Goat's milk yoghurt is also available.  Yes, a lot of stuff out there re curcumin. We did use the Thorne Research dog version for a short period of time, but it seemed to cause some GI probs with Logan (ironically, it can help protect the GI track, but at the same time it could cause probs in some individuals!!). I really wished it hadn't as (as you've said) it has a lot of benefits, not least, the apparent anti-cancer action. The key is to get a version that's bioavailable enough - not all products actually reach where they're supposed to!  I still have an almost full tub which you're more than welcome to have to try with Cousteau (no cost). It's sitting in the cupboard doing nothing! Just let me know - no prob either way.

Pity about the omegas, but you can only try these things.  We've tried so many supps/meds with Logan that might have been really good for him, but that he just couldn't cope with, bless him. BTW. did you add oil to Cousteau's food, or use capsules wrapped in a treat -the latter might be more successful?

Second year vet med!  that's great, Laura. Hope Monday went well.  I'm sure Cousteau is very proud that you're doing this :-)

All the best to you and Cousteau

Garry and Logan

Hi LogansDad, It took a while for me to find you, I'm glad that I did! How is Logan? I know of a woman who is interested in giving her dog Salvestrols and I'm hoping that you can help me advise her. Do you still believe in the product? Is there anything else that sounds positive. I told her about Artemisinin too. I really hope that Logan is doing wel! Love, BigSky

On Sep 26, 2013 11:24 AM lalaji wrote:

This is a little confusing to me. 

I hear that Dairy is bad for cancer. And, Keto diet heavily depends on things like cheese, butter etc. for the fat. Are these (cheese, butter) not dairy products and hence bad for cancer?

Hi Lalaji, There are a variety of Ketogenic diets out there. The Cantin Ketogenic Diet for Cancer is the one that you should do. Elaine Cantin cured her cancer with the diet and wrote a book about it. She also has a very active Face Book group. ELaine's diet is geared for cancer patients. No dairy, No red meat, No sugar (ever), Omit all allergen foods. Once in her Face Book group, go to her "Files" page and you'll find a 7 day menu sample and a list of suppplements that she took. Always compare,supplements to your type of cancer. Elaine had estro positive breast cancer. Dairy turns to sugar and will fuel the cancer. The amount of protein to eat in a day in my opinion is just what your body requires depending on your weight and activity level. Most important are the good quality fats! Her ratios are 5/1 or 4/1 Fat & Protein/Carbs. Carb count is 20 grams of carbs a day which comes to a small serving of low glycemic veggies with 3 meals and snacking on things like nuts and olives. If you're going to do the diet, it's very important to get everything down right and stay in ketosis and keep your glucose levels down. You can buy ketostix at any pharmacy. Some people measure their ketones and glucose with meters. Keto strips for meters can get expensive, but you will only need to test about once or twice a week. Hope this helps! BigSky

On Sep 19, 2013 12:52 AM cpmty wrote:

HI BIGSKY20, I will like to know more of salvestrols. It seems you know a lot. I too have ca. in my breast but it seems i am doing ok now. But (and I am not sure you will know or not) I was wating for results from my test, I have lung nodulos (? I think its written like this?) that I thougt were going to get smaller but it didn't happen. I was wondering if savestrols will help with that. I remember asking that before but can't remember the answer. If anyone know it maight or will work I will like to know. I will like to start soon (I have an emergency and leaving for a few days but I will like an answer so when I ocombe back I can start take them... at least I can try to see if they work. Can you send me info. too. or if you can sent me a copy, I would really appreciate it. thank you. 

Hi Cpmty, Yes, of course I will! Just private message me your address. I'm not sure about lung nodules, but I'll see what info I can find for you. Please let us know what your test results say! What are you taking Cpmty? BigSky

On Sep 16, 2013 3:31 PM seewhy wrote:

Hi Azuredu,

Thank you for your reply. I will start the MCP asap.

Re: diet. i tried ketogenic diet yesterday (1st time). Total carb intake 52 grams. is that too much? do you have a # you try to stay below?

this is what i did:
1/2 glass of oj & coffee in am.
plain greek yogurt w/small nectarine for lunch.
Huge salad of mixed dark greens for dinner with tuna salad.

since i do not eat meat, i have limited options. i ate swiss cheese and smoked salmon yesterday as snacks, instead of fruit or chick peas or rice & beans as i normally do. so most of carbs came from the oj and nectarine.

i believe i can keep this diet up by adding eggs but i am so used to eating lots of fruit that i am concerned about constipation now. maybe my snacks should be green veggies ie broccoli/celery/brussels sprouts instead?

your thoughts?

thanks again for all your help,

ps-sorry for all the questions--i dont mean to be a pest

Cindy, Probably the best Ketogenic Diet out for cancer right now is 'The Cantin Ketogenic Diet for Cancer. The author cured her cancer and she also had the same kind as you and I. Her diet consists of a 1/1 ratio protein and fat, although fat can be higher than protein and no more than 20 grams of low glycemic carbs. The diet doesn't work alone and it needs help with therapeutics such as Salvestrols and whatever else one chooses. If you go to her Face Book Group and click on her files, she updates supplements that she takes and has taken with her diet. I had fibromyalgia pain before the diet and now I don't, so I know that my body was allergic to allergen foods. Her diet omits them. No Dairy, sugar, glutens and I went a step further by knocking out high lectin foods and also eliminated lectins in nuts by soaking them in salt water. One can do the Keto Diet for a good year, depending on their needs and then continue to eat the same way, but add in more good carbs and more berries to get out of ketosis, but remain healthy. I might even do juice fasting down the road or something along that line. Anyway, it's a new life style and after the first initial "keto flu" you may feel better than ever! Here is a link to Elaine's group and I also have a group on FB called Salvestrols if you're interested. Also, if you need a book on Salvestrols, please pm me your address and I'll send you one. It's Brian Schaefer's book and he was kind enough to send me a few free copies to give away to new people since I opened the Face Book page. He's so kind and the book is really informative. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ElaineAlternativeHealthTips/ Big Sky

On Sep 16, 2013 3:12 PM seewhy wrote:

hi jentan,

thank you for your advice. i will order salvestrols today.

i am er+  pr+ her2 -

i was diagnosed after a severe injury to breast; had LARGE swelling/probable hematoma. two docs have very different diagnosis. One says entire lumpy breast is riddled with cancer and says none is inflamed/infected tissue, which just does not seem logical to me. (fyi: no palpable lump prior to injury) other says it is very small tumor but bulk of breast is still healing from injury. My test results are "clinically vague" -- mammogram simply shows fibrocystic tissue but PET/MRI shows hot spot where injury took place. Every ultrasound is different. Even biopsy area (marker) is vague. looks like a tiny calcification but some angles show nothing at all. will go for 3rd opinion soon but avm issue is delaying treatment. i see a neurologist friday.

it may sound strange but i really am feeling great, not even stressed. the vast differences in my diagnosis admittedly have me wary of traditional medicine - i realize now they know less than i had hoped! but i am grateful for every day and know i am blessed to have so much support. i am just trying to do any and everything i can for positive health--physically, mentally & spiritually. this message board is so helpful. so glad i found it :)

good health & peace to all,


ps. re: cause: who knows? i have a healthy lifestyle & weight (daily exercise, whole food diet, lots of fresh veggies & seafood) but from 2001 - 2008 i had a lot of stress. Lost 7 people i loved-both sudden deaths and long drawn out farewells. cared for dying family members & children of family that died. i was definitely run down.  :(

Cindy, You won't believe it, but I got cancer on a haematoma with no palpable tumor or suspicions in the area. I was diagnosed with the same cancer as yours back in 2007. The cancer that I had kept on returning on the surgical site because my military doctors didn't leave good enough margins. Other than that, there hasn't been any spreading to lymph node or other areas. I also had trauma in 1993 when my mother died and I held onto the pain for years. I'm so sorry for all your losses and you've gone through too much for one person to handle. I just want to offer you hope and you sound great and you aren't stressed which is aewsome! If you haven't had them mess with you yet and if you haven't been cut on, If I were you, I'd consider watching the area if your about to try alternative methods. If you do have a haematoma that just won't go away, it might be best to have it removed eventually. Also, get third opinions if you have to and go see the best doctors. I wish that I would have gone to MD Anderson years ago. They told me that I pretty much would have been cancer free all these years if I was operated on correctly the first time. Big Sky
Nigel, You're telling me, lol. I know it's a rather boring diet, but I got to the point where I said that it's so easy, now I can focus on therapeutics. The Cantin Ketogenic Diet is more for cancer, no dairy because it's allergic and turns into sugar. I eat organic meats, avocados, olives, nuts, salads, etc. I went through some serious sugar withdrawals about 2 months out, but it gets better. I would say that if you don't see any improvement on the diet after being tested and if you're doing everything correctly, then maybe switch over to juicing greens and just eating really clean foods and still eliminate dairy, wheat etc. Hyperbaric Oxygen and a good protocol along with the keto diet are showing promise, so it's worth a try. I wish you all the best, Big Sky

On Aug 24, 2013 8:13 PM jesichashope wrote:


I will see what I can find. I am a firm believer in not doing anything by yourself. While it is cheaper, in the long run, I see too many come to me that have tried a variety of things on their own and ready to give up because the cancer is still there, maybe slowed but still there or it is more aggressive after they begin to throw in the towel, so to speak.  We always end up getting a planned protocol set up and get a professional to monitor the progress. It is, in my opinion, essential for a good outcome to do the treatment plan with someone that has been there before and has the medical expertise to monitor test results and make changes as necessary.

The Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is one that is used often and oxygenates the body so the cells die off.  One needs to understand how much die off is good, how to detox so as not to over toxify the body with toxic dead cancer cells. 

The Ketogenic Diet must be well orchestrated, and monitored. We do not want to make an imbalance in the other direction; you want controlled imbalance to start the die off and then to create balance to continue die off and lack of new growth or continued growth.

Hyperthermia is also very good for creating tumor reduction and allows the body then to cope with what is there, beginning with further die off and rebuilding. On our site, both whole body and local hyperthermia is fully explained.  There are reasons for chosing differenct methods of treatment; I like a well rounded protocol; more reduction and resolve is found, as I have seen.

Nigel, Go to the site below, they work with people who have cancer and they will help get your glucose and ketones at the right numbers and then have you start on therapeutics. You can do it by yourself too, but it's so much easier with help and they know what they're doing. They also beilieve in using rhe Oxygen Chamber with the keto Diet. Keep me informed! http://ketooncology.com/ Tell them about your Salvestrols! If you do choose chemo, I believe that they can still help! Do have use of a Hyperbaric Chamber? Best Wishes, Big sky

On Sep 04, 2013 5:24 PM Inde43 wrote:

Dear Cammie, Gerry advised me to take the first year after all treatments 4000 points salvestrols a day (to prevent recurrence), and after a year 2000 points a day. (For as long as possible) So are you sure you take the right dose?
Thank you Inde! I'll up my dosage. The doctors got all the cancer out, but I know that we have to stay pro active for years to come.
Sorry Jennette I forgot to quote the post that I'd like to share. It is the one with your good results. I just had my mastectomy and boy am I in a ton of pain and strong meds. All the cancer was taken out with clear margins. My surgeons were smiling from ear to ear and said that I've been taking good care of myself. i believe in Salvestrols and I believe in a great diet, no to little sugar, no glutens, no dairy. i cook with coconut oil, take MCT oil, Lauricidin and the rest such as curcumin. For added salvestrols and for synergy that one doesn't get from pills, I freeze organic lemon, tangerine and orange rinds and grat on most my food or add them to smoothies. there was one lymphnode next tomy tumor and it was negative. I'm taking 2000 points a day, will move down to one thousand and continue getting salvestrols from natural food sources. I can't say it enough, but diet choices should be first in any protocol, detox and supplement whatever you may be missing in the diet and add in more of the cancer fighting nutrients like salvestrols. Im into tackling pathogens as well, but not many people seem to listen to me. more and more information is coming out about it everyday. eating coconut oil is a great beginning. I rold my surgeon that coconut oil is a daily part of my diet and he loves it too. anyway, Im on meds, hope that I make sense. take care everyone and I'm so sorry ro hear of those that we lost on this forum.
Hi Jennette, could I have permission to post tahis on my Salvestrol Face Book site. there is a question coming up about tamoxifen and salvestrols and your post would help us out greatly. I understand if you'd like to keep it here. I'm so happy to hear of your outcome, I've been following you from the beginning and I was really worried about your stress from your divorce. Life is looking good for you and I'm just so happy for you. Love BigSky
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