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Thank you for the reply Tink and for the helpful info. I am hoping my husband will be able to be here for the scan but its unlikely (hes a truck driver and gone ALOT) but hoping one of my family members can go with me. Time will tell!

So the lower dose for the radiation does that mean i wont have the same thing happen as the first time? Like feeling like fur is growing on my tongue. That was about the worst thing that happened.

Having a bad day here today so i will leave it at that before i just start rambling on.

Thanks again for the reply!!

New to this site looking for support and friends that know and understand what i am going thru.

Diagnosed papillary in 2011 with cancer in 5 out of 9 nodes. Had radiation after going thru hypo hell for almost 2 months. declared cancer free in june 2011 and about to have my 1 year re-check with thyrogen shots (had nu in july and they found suspious nodes, moved to florida so had to wait to follow up) needless to say i am scared poopless.

I start the LID tomorrow and have to stop my levothyroxine on the 24th. thyrogen shot on the 26th and 27th, radiation on the 28th (my b-day, great present NOT) and WBS on the 30th. Nervous about the shots (side effects) and since i had a bad experience with the radiation the first time im nervous about that and unfortunatly have a major problem with the WBS (had a panic attack last time).

So yes i am a mess emotionally and hoping to find people that can relate to what i am going thru on this next step in this journey.

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Thyroid Cancer
Emotional Support

48 yo married female living in davenport, fla.
diagnosed papillary thyroid cancer in 2011. had tt and radiation. about to have 1 year re-check with thyrogen shots.
I have three grown children and one grandson. 2 dogs and 1 cat.
husband is a truck driver and is gone alot moved to fla. from nevada to be near family.

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