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Patient, Survivor
- Non-Small Cell, Lung Cancer, Lung Cancer - Non-Small Cell, Lung Cancer - Squamous Cell
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62 year old married female 6 grown children 12 grandchildren diagnosed with lung cancer July 2010 . Had surgery to remove 2 lobes of my right lung Sept. 2010. Started chemo Nov. 2010 cisplatin and navalbean. My profile picture is about 10 years old but I chose to use this one because it not only reminds me of carefree, cancer free ,happier days but more importantly to remind me of how quickly your life can change. It keeps me from getting cocky and thinking "it won't happen to me". It can and it did!! Now it's all about how I deal with it. I choose to live so I will do whatever I have to do to make that happen. It helps to keep reminding myself of how much I have to live for. I guess i should add that I was back working full time 6 months after surgery and continue to work full time as a nurses aide which is not an easy occupation.I'm just happy to be alive and able to fight this horrible disease.

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