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    Wife comes home Friday the 26th of sep on the 28th sunday we are celebrating our 20 year wedding anniversary in the same church we got married in. Then Monday hits 0900 CT scan with contrast of lungs, spine, abd, then Tues back on Chemo X 3 days she only got 1st treatment aug 15 to the 18th and is now over 3 weeks late for her next dose of chemo. I have not seen her since Aug I want to s...

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        My wife was dx with sclc on aug 14th 2014 on the 15th she was in the hospital getting her first of 3 doses of chemo giving over 3 days to help with her breathing her left lung is 95% occluded from the tumor it seemed to help some and it has already spread (mets) to her thoracic spine she is now in New Jersey visting her grandchilden and will be 4 weeks late for h...

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        52 years old male married 20 years this month retired nurse 100% disabled veteran due to back injury, major depression and ptsd have a post doc in isolation belong to a few support groups around San Antonio and just need help dealing with losing the love of my life I know I said to much but have always been a fighter so has my wife had to keep up with me & I never hid from who & what I am

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