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    I am a sixty three year-old male recently treated with the insertion of radioactive needles ("seeds"). I am having hormone treatment to assure that no 'stray' cancer cells are allowed to grow. I've been taking intramuscular injections for one and one-half years. One day recently I noticed that every single hair on my was gone-- except for, strangely, my prodigious beard and thin the thin gray hair in my head. Just re...

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    I was diagnosed in May with prostate cancer. I had a PSA of 10.5 with a high acceleration rate. My free and total was 9. My cancer was concentrated in one lobe only, and my gleason was 7. I began with hormonal treatment (LPRH) injections of Lupron every 90 and casodex daily to shrink the prostate, then had IBRT seed implants(seeds.) There are many side effects, some more bothersome than others, but not frequently severe. I had the seed surgery on 11/9//10. It is now 1/9/11, and I wonder how long I'll have to be on hormonal therapy?

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