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    Thinking of you. My dad passed away from EC 3 years ago when I was 21.  It was terrible watching him go thru that, but you will always rememeber their last days, and their last words.  I'm at peace knowing he's in a better place now, but also that in his last days, the nurses and doctors did keep him on so much meds so he was in no pain.  I will be thinking and praying for you and your family.  Pl...

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    My name is Brittany. I am now 23 and have now been married for about a year and a half.My father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer June 1st, 2010. I helped take care of him once he was out of the hospital. He was on his third round of chemo when his tumor burst and spent a week in the Surg.Care ICU. July 29th 2010, dad won his battle with EC. Not the way we intended it, but he went to be with the Savior that he longed so much to be with. I love you dad, and you will always be missed. He was and always will be a wonderful Christian man, who sings in a gospel group called Sojourner. He had been pretty positive thru this experience, and had made up his mind that he would win this battle, and he did just that. I always trusted his judgement, and even though it hurts, he was right again. He said throughout the whole ordeal, that its a win win situation. If he gets rid of the cancer, he gets to stay with us and live a wonderful happy rest of his life with us. If he didn't live, he was going to heaven where he would wait for us with our Lord and Savior :) Thats what keeps me going, and thats the best part of all this. God and my dad are just hanging out waiting for the day all of us can be together :) The most important thing we can do is trust God to help us cope and to trust him in all we do. He's the only things that will bring us through this. I have trusted God thru everything, and even tho I'm devastated, trusting in Him gives me peace, hope, comfort, and strength and He has blessed me beyond imagine.

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