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      So glad to hear that!!! I had 8 erbitux injections, once a week for 8 weeks and I was about 6 months pregnant, so I am not sure if thats why I had them the way I did...I can show you pictures of my rash and how horrible it got, just let me know!!! I hope that your husband escapes any bad effects..I had sore mouth, but no swelling..My skin had been slighlty discolored from the rash, but I actually get no acne now...

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      I am 31, and just had a beautiful baby boy born 8 weeks early, just 3 weeks after my last chemo and radiation treatments for tongue cancer...The erbitux I recieved caused the fluid around the baby to disappear...He is healthy and happy and just amazing...Perfect...He went though so much during my treatments and for him to be so damn perfect is just wonderful...I have 3 other beautiful children and a loving wonderful husband who has taken care of me since I got this horrible curse called cancer...I am more than happy to talk to anyone about anything....I also lost my mom recently to lung cancer....Along with my aunt who was 42 when she passed and my grandmother who was in her 50's....I hope to help others along the way who are struggling with this same cancer, or any other cancers......Please feel free to drop me a line anytime!

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