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My husband was dx with GBM on 4/2/09, 7 days after surgery. Two weeks later, he had another MRI for radiation purposes and the tumor was back and even larger. After the 6 wks of radiation and temodar he got a clean MRI. With his next dose of temodar he had an allergic reaction and the doc put him on Avastin, infusion once every 2 weeks. He has since had 2 more absolutely clean MRI's. We praise God. He is "slower" than he used to be (his normal speed was 110 mph and now he is about 10 mph like the rest of us. He is in "chemo fog" and can only do one thing at a time - no multitasking which made it impossible for him to go back to work. There are a few things he can't do (making decisions quickly for example) and he tires easily (that is from the anti-seizure meds), but as a whole he has come back to me. We are so grateful. The last MRI he had was cut into 192 slices and they can't find a trace of the tumor. He will continue on Avastin for the forseeable future and MRI's every 3 months. Everything is looking good for a long term remission. His weight has never changed and his immune system has never tanked. We are so grateful. Doc said he had the health of a guy half his age (59) so I'm sure that helped. Also, he had only taken 5 sick days in the last 32 years at his job and 3 of those were to take me to a Dr. appt. I think his immune system and general health will also lend itself to a long term survival rate. Would love to hear feedback.

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