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    Have been diagnosed with a 2.5cm tumor  idc with the additional biopsy of the one.suspicious lymph node that was positive.  Now I am totally freaked out.  I cannot stop feeling like my whole body is full of cancer and every ache and pain means it has spread. I haven't stopped crying since Friday and cannot even believe I will be.alive in 6 months.  Wish I could turn my brain off.  Don't see t...

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      I am 58 and had a mammogram on Monday, which was followed by additional views and then an ultrasound.  They found a 1.3 x 1 cmm mass with some calcification.  It was classified as a bi rad 4 and I have a biopsy tomorrow.  I am scared to death.  The radiologist gave me no information and the concerned look on the doctors face have me totally freaked out.    I have no idea what any of...

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