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They gave me little time to live at MD Anderson also so I went to Sloan Kettering in NY. 2.5 years later I am cancer free. Get lots of people praying for her and look at Sloan Kettering. I will start praying for her myself.

June 2014 I was found to have Urachal Cancer during routine abdominal surgery. It was already in my lungs. I must have had it for a long time prior to it being found. Was sent to MD Anderson were I was given a grim prognosis. I have 35 years in the healthcare industry and always told patients when a doctor says there is no hope go see another doctor. So I went to Sloan Ketteing in NY. There I was told they would try and buy me some time. 2.5 years later I am in clinical remission. There is hope !! Get people praying for you and find a doctor who will fight for you.

RE: Urachal Cancer Survivor

by Catalina2 - August 22, 2016

How are you now ?

On Aug 07, 2016 1:51 AM dayhawk wrote:

I was recently diagnosed with a midline bladder dome mass that looks like urachal adenocarcinoma, biopsy pending. It also looks like I have few small lung nodules and liver mets, with one liver metastasis that's a little larger. All this info was discovered 2 days ago on CT after few months of what seemed like clinical prostatitis, and I'm just feeling depressed and hopeless right now from most things I'm reading online. I can't sleep well and my appetite is really poor. Found this great discussion board to find some hope. Bad news is that I'm young, but I'm trying to think that because I'm young without comorbidities I can fight longer and harder. I have a family with young kids who I want to be with for as long as possible. If there are any encouraging anecdotes from someone who was in similar shoes, please please share.

how are you now ? I have a simalar story. I had a grim prognosis from MD Anderson so I went to Sloan Kettering and I am doing ok now.

I bet your in good hands. Trust your doctors and get as many people praying for you as possible. I see a doctor Jonathan Rosenberg at Soan Kettering in NY, he is marvalous. I am two years past my diagnosis myself. See about a PET-CT scan, it wouldn't hurt to have one done.

The average person only lives 1.9 years after the initial diagnosis of Urachal cancer. I just beat the average !
I've had bladder cancer also. One of my symptoms was back pain. And now post bladder cancer for two years I have chronic diarrhea.
This may help, There is hope ! Urachal cancer is not a death sentance. I was one who thought it was.I was given very little time to live with stage 4 Urachal cancer. This is a cancer with very poor out comes.Drs . Jonathon Rosenberg and Harry Herr at Sloan Kettering knew I had a though road ahead of me but eighteen months later I am well and cancer free. I am from Kansas and ended up at Slone Kettering and NY Presberterian at Cornell. Great doctors at both. Also, get as many people praying for you as possible across the globe. Prayer works
How did things turn out for your Mom ?

On Mar 21, 2016 1:34 AM mylil63 wrote:

When my husband was diagnosed with cancer in early January the visits from family began. I have had non-stop family in my home (staying here overnight) since mid January. His brother is here now, has been for a couple weeks and will be for about 10 more days. Then his other brother flies in. They are wanting to help with getting him to appointments, etc. since I have an unpredictable work schedule. I understand this, but I want my home back for a bit. I am ready to have a breakdown because these visitors don't help me. I end up having to entertain and take care of them (cooking, cleaning, etc). How do I get people out of my house? I can't relax in my own home. I see no end in sight. Any suggestions?

Fish and relatives stink after 3 days. An old saying goes. You must ask them to go.
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Urachal cancer confirmed June 2014. I May have had for years prior to its detection. Right now I am in Clinical remission. I hope to keep it in remission.

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