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RE: Hope4cancer clinic

by cazwinn - April 02 at 6:35 AM

Thnx heaps I was going to go there but have decided to take a different route using cannabis enemas.

My naturopath put me on to this lady who makes them.

But I was still wondering what Hope4cancer is like even if your not a patient? There are so many hospitals in Mexico, i feel blessed to have God to ask. Sometimes people are the way God helps us to know.

Thnx for your reply

RE: Hope4cancer clinic

by cazwinn - March 14 at 12:53 AM

Thanks wonder woman that is helpful...i have found a few since posting on here.

Your help is much appreciated...

Hope4cancer clinic

by cazwinn - March 10 at 10:03 AM

Hi there I am keen to hear if anyone has been to Hope4cancer clinic in Tijuana, Mexico...and how the treatment was for them.

Please let me know what you thought about the treatment and the stay.  I was looking at Cancun Outpatients Clinic and have received a treatment plan of $53,025 US.

Again I would appreciate any comments or feedback of any type from you.

Warm regards

Wini NZ (brain tumour)

HI there Im Wini and have been diagnosed with a grade 2 oligodendroglioma.  I had it surgically removed in Sep 2014 but they couldn't get it all.  Last year I was told because I had the right deletions I should have radiation but I chose to go down the natural path.  I am seeing a naturopath and she is helping me with supplements and diet.  This is not for everyone and I am having the occasional seizure however I will be seeing my naturopath tomorrow who will put me on a much stronger dose of Kava which I am taking along with other things.  My suggestion if your wanting to do it naturally is to find a naturopath and change your diet...I try not to have any processed sugar, don't eat any bread unless its gluten free, make juices, eat organic porridge with blueberries, cyclops yoghurt, organic chicken 2 x week, eggs organic, lots of cruciforous veges, salads, all very good for you.  Watch chris beats cancer look at his site too n goodluck with everything guys

RE: Oligodendroglioma Grade ii

by cazwinn - October 28, 2015

On Jul 04, 2005 12:00 AM Dilton2__Heather wrote:

Hi, I'm Heather, and I belong to a 37 year old firefighter diagnosed in March with a Grade II Oligodendroglioma. We would like to hear from anyone with a similar diagnosis, as there is very little information available on the internet regarding this type of tumor. Also, any survivor stories would be great. He presented with seizures on Feb 27 and March 7th of 05. Met with the neurosurgeon on March 17th, and had a total resect on April 12th at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis (very positive experience). Began Temodar in June. Side effects from the surgery are some difficulty finding the correct word, difficulty with names and short term memory loss (the biggest hurdle). Side effects of the diagnosis....of course anger and some depression. Any help in coping with so much in such a short time, and any caregiving tips for me (I seem to step on my own toes alot....too much or too little....never just right) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Heather

Hi Heather I was diagnosed last year with a grade II oligodendroglioma after having a number of seizures.  I had surgery in September and a week later had an MRI scan.  Then I had another MRI scan in March this year.  I live in NZ and am a singer.  I went on tour with the Pink Floyd experience so I didnt see my oncologist til aug 31st.  He told me I had a suspicious mass growing from the leftover tumor on the left travelling to the right of my brain and explained that I need radiotherapy.  Of course I was shocked but decided against radiation and chemotherapy.  However I just had a seizure last saturday so the Radiotherapist wants me to get an MRI this week.  Just to go back to when I first came out of hospital...i had lots of family support.  I struggled to speak, to write, to stop shaking, to sing but i was determined with the help of a speech therapist and occupationaltherapist they helped in getting me back to doing things independantly.  I can honestly say in some areas like multitasking, decision making, short term memory i'm still struggling.  I havent had any treatment and want to do it naturally however because I had a seizure last Saturday and the radiologist knows about it they want me to have an MRI asap.  when the oncologist dealt me the news on aug 31st i decided to go on the internet.  I found out that cancer loves sugar and decided to stop all sugar as well as processed food.  I began a ketogenic diet then I met Shari on here who had the same tumor as I did and she said she did chemo and radiation then her tumor returned after a couple of years so she tried this all plant based diet and gave me what info she had because she wished she hadn't agreed to the radiation and chemo and I had written saying I didn't want to either.  I have 7 children ranging from 28 - 9 yrs old.  5 of them are living with me so I know the risks are high and are reliant upon my choices.  I attend church and most of all love God and trust him.  Shari gave me her supplements  which I was blessed to get but only because I had this seizure last week so now I've been taking my supplements which cost $650 I know they are working.  I took 1 anti seizure tablet when i had the seizure and felt so ill that I prayed to God to bless me that I would not have another seizure and stopped taking that pill too.  I'm sharing my experience with you in the hope that you will not give up with your husband.  Just be patient, i suffered from aphasia which is knowing what you want to say but not being able to process those words...be patient...loving and when the going gets tough, if u can take a break and let someone else fill in for a while.  Through out my search on the internet I found through Shari a site called chisbeatcancer he has lots of info...i also found Ty and Charlene Bollinger on their global quest on The truth about cancer.  They have lots of alternative treatments but thats if you are wanting to take that route.  I personally want to do it.  May God be with you in your journey or whoever that higher power is for you, I will certainly pray for you as Charlene Bollinger offered to me and thanks for letting me tell my story I hope it helps you...

Wini Baxter

Hi Shari

What do you think of the Ketogenic diet.  I chose this diet because it was the only one out of all the options like Gerson therapy which also works, that I could do, but I want to know what you think?  I also want to know if the first thing you did was go to Dr Majalca whom by the way is totally awesome is there a possibility for me to be able to use him somehow or do I need to see someone over here.  Money is tight in our home right now with a mortgage and all the other bills so it would need to be something doable and within my means.  I know Im placing a lot of trust in your judgement and I don't know you but feel You understand what Im going through.  I dont have anyone helping me except my computer which can be good and bad ahe! But I feel like I need guidance and I also do feel somewhat pressured by my husband and the Dr's but am determined to stick to what I believe to be beneficial for me. 

I will take on board your advice of showing my husband information on others who have healed their bodies with a good diet.  I would appreciate any other advice you may have to offer.  I am a Mormon and my faith and belief in God is strong.  I use the Lord in all the decisions i make because I need him.  I know that I need help I cant do this on my own.  I feel the Lord is helping me through having this conversation with you and for that I'm grateful. 



hey Shari

thanx so much for giving me the site to chrisbeatcancer.com its fantastic!!!!

Hi Shari

Thanks so much for that information and support in my quest for fighting cancer.  I believe I can do this and beat it even though my doctors and husband want me to have it and I understand their concern but I want to fight it with food.  My cousin who is doing chemo for breast cancer has lost all of her hair and I know that next on the list for me will be chemo too. 

Love your support and know that you have been thru both yourself but glad ur alive and here talking to me coz thats a success story in itself...Good for you shari.

I will look up the info you gave and will let you know the outcome of my MRI scan too.

Take care


Hi there my name is Wini, i live in Wellington Nz and had surgery last year sep 6.  Found out i had a grade II oligodendroglioma.  Had Mri scan a week after surgery then another in March.  It showed tumor had spread across my communication area to the right side.  Doctor said i need radiotherapy.  I am going to give the ketogenic diet a go, its an alternative method of starving cancer cells of sugar, instead of doing radiotherapy.  My Dr said to give it a go coz shes heard the ketogenic diet particularly improves brain function however the Dr said i can have a scan end of nov then go back and talk with her on Dec 9.  Not giving me too much time.  I wish i could help with the stats all i know is i may have 15yrs or so to live coz eventually the tumor will take over but i have 7 children and a husband to live for.  Im 50 now so im hoping to survive at least 30more years???? cheers for asking what my story is thnx for the opportunity to share...

RE: Oligodendroglioma grade 2

by cazwinn - September 01, 2015

sorry my greeting in maori was supposed to read "tena koutou katoa"

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