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    to protect your liver it's suggested that you drink a tea with milk thisle in it. You can pick it up at a grocery or health food store.  It disn't taste bad.     I wuld  use this tea durring treatment to prevent dammage to the liver. Talk to yur doctor about this to make shure ther herbs wil be safe with what ever chemicles they are giving you. However for cancer there is an ancient Nat...

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      It will be interesting to see where this small piece of research will take us in the future.

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      • Jeanette57

        Jeanette57 Thanks about Zoki- I am up listening at 6 am to the gospil music from a local station. It has the old great songs. It doesn't match my believe that I care the seeds of God inside, I am the Light, Love, Power, Presence because where ever God is I am. Where ever I am God is!

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