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    Hi, mom has advanced colon cancer has been in a nursing home little over a year. Shes only 60. Stopped chemo more than a year ago.  Been on same meds for a while. The only thing that has changed is they stopped her PT.  We have been discussing home care which is what she wanted And looking foward to. Everyday she would discuss funiture ,moving etc.   Literally overnight her short term memory declined; ...

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      I'm so sorry about your mom.  I'm in a similar situation o,nly advice I can think of right now is to take some time for yourself because you can't be a good caregiver if you don't feel well also just taking some time will relax you a little more.  I take prozac , then wellbrutin. But what I find helps the most with the emotions is exercise, (walking, boxing, yoga,) and planning healthy meals to eat.  T...

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        Hi, so glad I found this board, I'm sorry I've only found support now. Mom been battling colon cancer since 07, last year it spread to vaginal area and was deemed inoperable. Shes decided recently to use hospice care. She's been in a nursing home and is wheelchair bound. but I'm working on getting home care and an apartment for her ( incredibly difficult). My brother will be living with her. But I'm the one she calls...

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