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    I am wondering if they really DID figure it out not too far down the road when medical problems started to show up.  My reasoning is when one of us wrote in and mentioned about a fire destroying the records. Hmmmmmmmmm...this has been procedure for too many years for too many reasons. No matter what the truth really is, this was the treatment of that Era. We now can voice it out to each other and become one. It ...

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      I was born in February of 1952 and had this therapy. Obviously I was to small to know symptoms. The Dr. told my Mom that I had an enlarged thymus gland and needed this done for profusely throwing up. In 1976 I had an exam by an Endocrynologist who said the nodule he found in my neck needed a biopsy done. The nodule was benign but the thyroids had cancer. I had no other therapies at that time just Levoxyl and cal...

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