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Tonsils Cancer
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My husband Chip was diagnosed with tonsil cancer the day before Thanksgiving, Nov 2010. He is only in his early 40s never smoke or chewed a day in his life!! He is the love of my life and his battle through the radiation treatments has brought us so close and really shown us how precious each and every day is. The Lord blessed us with 4 amazing boys, twin 21 yr olds, a 13 yr old and soon to be 7 yr old. Chip is a fighter, and he has proven to me he can do whatever he puts his mind to. There hage been times where his positive attitude and will to fight were tested, but with help from the Lord, he realized he needed to kick it into high gear, fight this horrible "c" word!!! He is almost done with his radiation treatments -- Monday Feb 21st is his last!!! It has been a horrific, unkind battle, but I know, despite the battle wounds, he will persevere!! He has a peg tube, as his mouth is so full of ulcers he cant eat anything & can barely get water down. it is heart wrenching to watch. any advise is certainly welcome!!

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