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Dave -

You are amazing!!!  Your post was such a reality check!  Days when I wonder how Chip will make it - and then I read your post.


Hangin' tough certainly isn't easy, but with the help from survivors and caregivers here, it makes it possible!!


That is great that it's nothing.  My husband is 9 wks out, radiation for tonsil cancer.  He still can't eat normally - cream of wheat and ramon noodles are about it.  He has a sore on the right side of his tongue, that makes it impossible to be able to eat.  He still can't taste anything, and has a real hard time swallowing anything.  He looks great, but doesn't feel so great - although he claims he does.  I worry about him - a lot.  It's so hard that he can't eat.


#4026  I am so grateful I found this site - for all the wonderful caring people, their advice, suggestions and encouragement

#4027   I am so grateful for my husband who fought this horrible battle and made it thru his 36 radiation treatments

#4028 I am so grateful for my children - my boys mean the world to me and kept me going, when I thought I couldn't

#4029  I am so grateful for my family - my parents - who did whatever I needed them to do, no matter what it was, I know I can always count on them for whatever it is I need

#4030  I am so grateful for my friends and co-workers who keep my family in their thoughts and prayers and do what they can to help

#4031  I am so grateful the sun is shining -- I am so tired of SNOW!!!!  I'm grateful it's spring and hopefully have seen the last of that white stuff!!!

On Mar 26, 2011 2:55 PM Roselvr wrote:

One of the users here is also a teacher. He recently made a post about his voice- see the link below

http://www.cancercompass.com/message-board/message/all,56533 ,0.htm"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.cancercompass.com/message-board/message/all,56533 target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.cancercompass.com/message-board/message/all,56533


Chip is a 5th & 6th grade learning support teacher.  I think physical therapy would be great - don't know if he'd do it.  I worry about him having to talk so much teaching.  He has about 5 weeks of time left, and he wants to have at least 5 days of time for appts, etc. 

I will definitely tell Chip to tell everyone his scar is from a bullet -- man, I can still hear the POP!!!!

Thank you all so much for all the suggestions!  We are still experimenting with different things.  He said he has a sour taste - when he tries things, it all seems sour. 

He is feeling better, it's slow going, and as someone who was always healthy, active, and used to pushing himself hard to get the end result quicker - it's very hard for him. 

He is hoping to go back to work (teaching 5th & 6th grade learning support) in 3 weeks. 

I really appreciate everyone's suggestions!!!

Take care all!!

My husband is 4 1/2 wks out of radiation treatment.  He had his peg tube out on Monday.  He hasn't eaten anything except really runny cream of wheat.  He's drinking his boost, gatorade and water.  Does anyone have suggestions of food he should try to eat?

Congrats!!  My husband just had his tube out today.  He had the nutritionalist take it out - it made a loud POP and he said he felt like he'd been shot!  But, within 5 minutes he was up, smiling and walking out the door!  

He's still not eating, but is drinking his boost, gatorade and water.  He's maintained his weight since his final radiation treatment 4 weeks ago today.  

So happy for you!!!  Take care!

I will say a prayer for you.  Every night I say a prayer for those with cancer, survivors of cancer, caregivers and family members.  I know this whole ordeal has taken its toll on our family - I've never felt so stressed, worried, angry, scared, etc in all my life!!  And nobody can imagine what it's like unless they have been through it.

God Bless!  Our God is a wonderful, caring God, and He will take care of us!


Well - the tube is out!!!  The oncologist tried to talk him into keeping it in 4 more weeks, until the next follow up appt, but Chip was determined to have it out ASAP.  He hasn't used it in 10 days, and he said he doesn't care, it isn't going to use it any more.  Dr said okay, we went up to the nutrionalist, and she took it out.  Just pulled it out, Chip said he felt like he'd been shot.  But, within 5 minutes he was up and out the door smiling.  I agree Roselvr, I think this is a good thing.  He felt it was holding him back, not being able to sleep.   We did get pain medicine, not the actiq pops, Chip didn't think he would be able to do those.  Sr also prescribed a pill for sleep, so hopefully he'll be able to sleep nights.  Dr also said back to work in 4 weeks,  3 if he feels up to it.  So, that really made him feel good.  He has something to look forward to!

THANK YOU so much to everyone for the advice, and well wishes.  God Bless!!!

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My husband Chip was diagnosed with tonsil cancer the day before Thanksgiving, Nov 2010. He is only in his early 40s never smoke or chewed a day in his life!! He is the love of my life and his battle through the radiation treatments has brought us so close and really shown us how precious each and every day is. The Lord blessed us with 4 amazing boys, twin 21 yr olds, a 13 yr old and soon to be 7 yr old. Chip is a fighter, and he has proven to me he can do whatever he puts his mind to. There hage been times where his positive attitude and will to fight were tested, but with help from the Lord, he realized he needed to kick it into high gear, fight this horrible "c" word!!! He is almost done with his radiation treatments -- Monday Feb 21st is his last!!! It has been a horrific, unkind battle, but I know, despite the battle wounds, he will persevere!! He has a peg tube, as his mouth is so full of ulcers he cant eat anything & can barely get water down. it is heart wrenching to watch. any advise is certainly welcome!!

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