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On Feb 09, 2017 4:13 AM angeleem wrote:

Have you ensured the stent is still in its proper place? Migration of the stent could cause both vomiting and pain. And intense vomiting could cause migration.

Even if the stent is still in its intended place, the person can feel great pressure in the area which could equate to pain.

For the vomiting, have you tried anti-nauseau meds such as Zofran (Ondansetron)?

My Dad had to have 3 stents put in, the first two migrated, the 3rd worked and has been in place for a few months now.  He still has 'pressure' in his esophagus/chest area.

The first stent migrated the first day, after an intense vomit, after which he felt such relief of the pressure.  He vomited blood which is what took him back for an xray and confirmation the stent moved into his stomach. 

The second stent was longer and was 'clipped' into his esophagus.  It migrated after a few days with no indication other than pain in his stomach-again xray confirmed it had slipped down.

The third stent was much larger in diameter and was clipped in again.  It has stuck.

Best of luck

Hi, I know this is several years later... I hope your Dad is doing well. I was hoping you could answer my question and tell me how they were able to remove the stents from your Dad’s Esophageal ? Thank you, Marcia
Hi All, My husband was diagnosed with EC stage IV. With Mets to his liver and lymph nodes. He was doing so well with Keytruda and a feeding tube. Then this year our doctor suggested radiation for quality of life and maybe end tube feeding. My 6’2 husband was doing well keeping at 180lbs and getting good calorie intake. Then we did the radiation. It was horrible. After 21 of 28 treatments we had to quit because of 24/7 nausea and vomiting. Then i came the fullness. He stopped drinking heating his food. And his feeding tube starting gushing out bile at the insertion site. We went into the hospital and ended up there for 37 days. 2 procedures (1) to insert a EC stent (1) to realign stent. And then surgery to fix his stomach because it wasn’t emptying correctly. Well we’re home now and he can only get approx. 700-1200 calories in a day because he is still not digesting his food. He’s down to 145lbs and is in constant pain. Also, he hasn’t had his Keytruda since June. I can only assume his Cancer is probably going crazy again since he can’t handle is treatment because he’s too weak. So we’re thinking we’re probably going to have to go into hospice if this is the case. I’m so sad and afraid. My husband is the greatest most gentle, giving, loving man I have ever met. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I have to live without him...
That’s really great! But Chris is stage IV and no one will operate on him. They say it’s too dangerous.
Hi Karen, It’s very late right now. For at least me and Chris. ?? But I will surely get ahold of you to talk about other options. We are so frustrated and the doctors seem to think this is all normal. Doesn’t seem normal to us! Thank you for responding. Marcia

Hi All,

My husband is supposed to have 27 radiation treatments to his esophagus.  They have only suggested this recently. He has had 11 treatments so far. But, the radiation has caused him to have such severe nausea that he has had to skip at least 5 treatments. Has anyone had this response? I mean every hour he has been sick. 

Also, he is in his 3rd year of this disease and has been on Keytruda for the last 2 years.  They say because he still has mets in his lymph nodes and kidney they will not operate.

He was working and going to job sites before radiation and now he can barely get out of his lazy boy.  I'm so worried about him.  He is supposed to go get keytruda and radiation today, but i'm afraid he might have to cancel again! 

Thank you, 


RE: cryotherapy ?

by Chris3455 - May 20 at 6:32 PM

On May 03, 2019 9:54 AM akb1972 wrote:

Any experiences with crytherapy to treat recurrent EC (adeno) with lymph node mets (i.e. no mets to any other organs) ? 


I was told by our radiologist that you should not have cryotherapy while you are having radiation treatments and maybe chemo, because essentially the cryotherapy is adding oxogyn to your system which not only feeds your good blood cells but also the bad cancer cells.  He feels that after treatment it could help a lot.  But he absolutely does not think it should be done while your on radiation.  You should talk with your oncologist about chemo.

Hi John,

Holy cow! I have a had a pill stuck sideways in my throat and that is awful.  I can't imagine it happening and feeling like you can't breathe. That sounds so scary! You have given me so much good information.  I am really happy to have met you. :)

Chris's tumor is in his lower esophagus and growing tube between his stomach and esophagus. I couldn't tell you how large it is., but until about two weeks ago he could feel a tiny bit of saliva or water get through. Ever since he got his feeding tube he's been carrying around one of those large cups from the hospital and spits saliva and water in there.  He does that with food and water...but has trained himself to not to swallow. 

I can't believe the Doctor's never suggested radiation till now.  We are pretty pissed off about that, since i keep reading most people have radiation and chemo right away. He might have been able to eat a long time ago!

Oh well, we are going to not dwell on it and just keep on going and stay positive about the hopes that this will work. I hope he reads our posts.  I hooked him up so we are both connected with the same login.  It's really nice to be able to talk to someone who has/is going through the same thing. 

Hi John,

I guess i didn't read the whole message!  You've had 14 dilations!?! Did they tell you why so many?  Does your esophagus just keep closing back up?  

I am going to ask our radiologist and see what he says.  I will pass that along to you.

Thank you, Marcia

Hi Susan, 

I hope you got my last message.  I don't think i sent it directly to you.  Just go to the feed and you will see my response.

Have a great day!


Hi Susan,

Thank you so much for replying I am so happy to hear your dilations worked.  Sucked it happened because of your radiation.  Our main goal is to get Chris to start eating again. He has not eaten a solid meal in almost 2 years. The feeding tube hurts as bad or more than the treatment he is getting. I am so hopeful that the radiation will shrink his tumor so he can eat. And will definitely ask him about dilation. His esophagus was almost completely closed before he started the immunotherapy so i am not going to say it was caused by that. Prayers to you and your good health. My best, Marcia  

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