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    Conventional Treatment worked for us.  Radiation and Temodar, now Avastin and Temodar.  My wife was given 6 to 18 months.  We are now at almost 2 years.  Some problems but nothing we can't deal with and both tumors are getting smaller.  Good luck

    Chris H/O Pat age 58 dx 10/09; - Still fighting the fight

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      Hello to all of our CC buddies, It has been sometime since I posted an update on my wife Pat.  Since her Radio Surgery in December we have been sinking slowly from a quality of life standpoint.  The docs think the tumors are stable to slowly enhancing over the past 3 MRI's, but what has been kicking her butt is the Dex.  She has been on various doses for over 18 months now to control the tre...

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      My name is Chris and my wife's name is Pat (Age57 DX Oct. 19th 2009) Pat was the picture of health. Then the tumor hit us. Diagnosed as an AA grade 3, but could be a grade four - inoperable without loss of speech and right side paralysis. Tumor is in the left side posterior of the frontal lobe with infiltration to the parietal and temporal area. No treatments since December 09. Blood is all better after all the negative effects of the Temodar and radiation. As of Decemeber 2010 another tumor came into focus so we are back in the fight again. Had radio surgery in Dec. and tumors are still slowly ehancing. Starting Avastin April 12th. UPDATE- 10 rounds of Avastin and things are looking better. They are also adding 5/21 Temodar at low dose as of 8-2011.

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