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RE: To Chemo or not to chemo…

by Chrisssy - February 13 at 11:39 PM

My Mom was on folfirnox. She suffered from neuropathy, diarhea, fatigue, nausea. She felt awful but after a few days it subsided. 

RE: To Chemo or not to chemo…

by Chrisssy - February 13 at 1:52 PM

My Mom was diagnosed in 2014 at the age of 69. She did not have the whipple. She started chemo at that time with mets to the liver and was with us until Sunday . She fought a great fight despite the predictions. The chemo was tough sometimes but she weathered it. Your Mom is so young . I personally am so grateful for the extra time. Best of luck to your Mom.I am rooting for you guys . The journey will be tough. All the best.

RE: Ascites and Edema

by Chrisssy - December 21, 2018

THANK You!! I so appreciate your words Punky.I google all the time  but never actually read about a true experience. Thanks again. Enjoy the holiday season and peace be with you.


RE: Ascites and Edema

by Chrisssy - December 18, 2018

Thank you Punky. My Mom is still mobile. She goes out alone on short trips.She says she knows her limit.She tries to stay active. She's superwoman in disguise. I will try and consult with her Dr on our next visit. In your experience, with the onset of ascites, what was your Mom's prognosis thereafter? My Mom told me the Dr said she may have to have the fluid drained. She also was prescribed diuretics. I have read that once this develops, patients often experience a steady decline. Did that happen with your Mom .

Thanks again for your time and help.

Ascites and Edema

by Chrisssy - December 17, 2018

My Mom who was diagnosed August 2014 with Stage IV has developed ascites and edema in her legs. She has not had a chemo treatment since August due to malasorption. She lost so much weight they had to give her a break. She remains hopeful that she will be able to resume her treatments. Has anyone else experienced ascites? She does not allow me to go into the office when she speaks with her oncologist , who has been a godsend, but after doing my own internet HW this doesnt look good. She keeps telling me not to worry.

Hi Amy

My deepest condolences to you and your family. I'm at a loss for words. My prayers and love to you guys. 

Take care.


Hi Lisa

My advice to you is to get a second opinion....FAST!! Your Dr.'s explanation should be clear to you and/or  your loved ones. I can only recommend a NY Doctor that treats my MOM for pancreatic cancer. All questions are answered as if we were 2 year olds. They are the experts not you. You have to be your own advocate!! Im sure they are not treating you for free and even so you deserve to know!! No question is a stupid question especially when it pertains to your health!! Feel better and demand answers!! Write down all of your concerns!!

In addition, My Mom never discussed a time frame with me. I went online myself and the prognosis is grim. Dont do it to yourself. Your Dad cannot embarace the "maybe 8-9 months." My Mom is still kicking and fighting 4 years later. Tell him, the beginning treatments are rough but he can do this!! The mind plays an important part in the fight. I wish you guys all the best!! 


My mom has not had a problem with abdominal fluid. The fatigue and no appetite yes. She pushes herself despite the fatigue. Your Dad has to ( it is extremely hard)  eat even though he is not hungry. Weight loss and muscle loss can become a major problem. Small high in calorie and/or protein meals are important. When the weight loss starts, for my Mom, it was dramatic. Snacking through out the day maybe an easier task then a big meal when eating becomes a chore.


My Mom was diagnosed August of 2104 with mets to the liver and lungs. Shes a little younger than your Mom( 73 now). The tumor seems identical to your  mother's being wrapped around arteries making surgery not an option. With  chemo only ,my Mom is still here. I will say that recently she has been losing weight rapidly and she is feeling some pain. The pancreas is not providing the enzymes to digest her food and the supplements are not working. She has had a break here in there from chemo but when she's on a chemo break, the cancer gets active.The tumors shrink but never enough to stop treatments altogether.i do not know all the names of her chemo but Folfirnix is one of the first types. She now gets chemo every other week for 46 hours through an infusion pump she goes home with. She experiences naseau, diarhea, fatigue , and stomach /back pains. My Mom is a fighter because she never ever complains. I fear we are nearing our toughest fight because she cannot retain any nutrients so she is becoming so underweight. Your Mom can do this!!!

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