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The problem is Abraxane. Not Gemzar. But now he is very sick, so we have to wait for a clinical condition to restar a new treatment.

Thanks for your comments

My husband just tolerate five round of gemzar and abraxane, after failure with folfirinox. He had a very good respose with this combination but the chemo was stopped for side effects. He had a severe neurophaty . Now itis hard to walk or to take things with his hands. He doesn,t eat due to food aversion . He start parenteral nutrition. The tumor was controlled. His ca19.9 decrease but his quality of life was gone. The doctors said that neurophaty usually improve with time. Now 3months off chemo and no improvement. Someone has experience with this side effect?

Shasta you are in a very hard moment. The last two months was terrible for you and for your family. I will pray for you and  ask less suffering for your husbund. I can't imagine this life to my husband. Now he is very depressed and tired but without pain. Be string if it is possible.

I am really sorry. This is a terrible disease. I will pray for your family. Cindy.
My husband is receiving abraxane and gemzar two weeks on treatment and one week off. He loose his hair and has fatigue. He is depressed. He did eight infusions or four rounds. The ca19.9 decreased (4000 to 800) and liver spots disapeared on pet. Before this chemo he received the first line folfirinox, but with progression of disease. The doctor told us that my husband will receive only two more rounds of abraxane and gemzar. After this , only gemzar. He told me that abraxane should be used only for this period . After this no more benefits.... I,m worried because he had a good response. However he has an important fatigue. He stopped work. His quality of life is bad. And now depression is the big problem. What can I do?

RE: Gemcitabine/Abraxane

by cindycer - March 04, 2015

Folfirinox was not effective to my husband. He did six rounds. Now he is on gemzar and abraxane. Two weeks on and one week off. The tolerance was better than folfirinox but he lost hair and had constipation. He is very weak. Next month a new ct scan will be done. I am scared but we must to be strong.
Sorry for your husband. My husband has the same situation. He had a 3cm tumor and a wipple procedure was done. In two months liver mets was diagnosed. He was in Folfirinox chemo, but after the progression the chemo was changed to gemzar and abraxane. He had two rounds. After six a new pet ct will be performed. It is a terrible disease, but we have to be positive.
Hi, I am so sorry. Hope you have a lot of courage. I will pray for you.

Folfirinox failure

by cindycer - February 02, 2015

My husbund had 6 rounds of folfirinox. It is not working. His doctor will change to gemzar and abraxane. I'm very woried. Someone has experiece with this chemo?

RE: Ca19-9 number fluxuation

by cindycer - January 08, 2015

It was a small variation. Be positive because she is returning her activities.
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