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    Hi, how are you feeling?  Did your doctors find out the cause of your illness.  I'm still having a rough time of it.  Doctors are still leaning towards a carcinoid but still want to rule out other diseases.  I just want them to do the scan at Hopkins instead of all this other crap.  I have had enough and I'm sure a lot of other patients that go through the diagnoising are in the same boat. We...

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      Hi, I did have a repeat of 5-HIAA and it came back High. I have an appt with my Rheum this month to review my latest testing.  I just had another 24 hr ph test to check my acid levels.  My GI doc believes also my issues are somehow conncect to carcinoid.  I think the next test they are going to order is a Scan. At least I feel like my doctors are on the same track.  Hope you are doing well.

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        Hi, I've been having the same symptoms for many years. Since August it's on overdrive. Been to specialist cardiac, rheumotologist and endro.  Everything has come back negative/normal.  My last appt with my cardiologist really believes I have carcinoid reccommend that I have all tests repeated and go for scans.  So that's my next step. Let me know what you decided to do. Oh he also recommended I go to H...

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          If blood tests are negative, will any scans help with a diagnosis to prove I have a tumor. I have flushing, tachycardia, short of breath and diarrhea

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