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    Hi heidy, Really thanks for your kindly reply.im really sorry to hear your story.my mom also mets to lymp nodes which locate in retropertioneal. We all do have faith in God and the good news my parents now become christian also. Hope we all can get through this hardest things and same as you.its really nice to know you here and we can share our story which may helping. What treatment your mom did?? Regards,citra

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      Hi all, Actually im.quite new comer here.and wanna share story bout my mom's cases. She got colon cancer and was resected on jan2015.then follow with folfox as first line treat.but the pets found in bones mets last week.does anyone here has similiar case.maybe can also share here.mom is having xeloda and will follow with avastin in every2weeks. Hope it will work out to handle.im so stres with this. Thanks all,citra...

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        Dear all, Hi my name is citra, im new in here and would like to ask and share with you all. my mom got colon cancer and mets to 4bone locations and retroperitoneal lymp nodes. Im so scared and worry as docs told me that isnt cureable but still can control. Docs plan to give mom some.scenarios to handle it, irrinotecan for systemic chemo via vein and xeloda as oral chemo. But she used to have6cycles of folfox. But...

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          Hi holy, Im citra.my mom has colon cancer stage4 with mets to bones and retroperitoneal lymp nodes.and she already got 6cycles of chemo with folfox. Docs decided to go on combine xeloda and irrinotecan.but ive ever read that xeloda has bad side effects to patients who already use oxaliplatin and leucovirin.  But as i read in ur messages, i thought i wanna ask you bout ur experience after usibg folfox then cont...

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