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    Hey and thanks all for your replies.Well, I still haven't officially had my results yet but do have an appointment to get them on 17th Feb. However I phoned the hospital and begged them to put me out of my misery.  The secretary said that my serotonin results had  come back fine the second time and they were no longer worried about me.  Whilst this has set my mind at rest a bit, I cant  help wond...

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      How long should I expect to wait for results? A month ago I received news that i had high 5 HIAA levels in my urine. I had a barrage of tests, urine and blood, taken and was told it would take 2-4 months for the results (as they have to go to another hospital).  Is it normal to wait so long and do you think I should try to find out sooner? I am going out of my mind wondering if I have carcinoid syndrome or not. ...

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          Ive been tested for absolutely everything in an attempt to find out why I flush so much (and other symptoms). The very last test they did was for 5 HIAA levels (serotonin). After 18 months of everything else coming back normal this new test for 5 HIAA came back high. 33mg (in in the UK, I think in the US you use different meausements - but in the UK the average healthy levels is around 3mg). Anyway, my hospital ...

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          Undergoing tests for Carcinoid Syndrome. High 5 HIAA results. Single mama of 4. Northern Ireland.

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