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Today is the April Bone Scan..he had to be there at 8am even though the hospital is almost 3 hours away..then he had to sit there for 4 hours before the test began..which is approximately an hour of him lying on his back which I am sure he will have difficulty with...but he will do his best to comply with their wishes..not sure how long it will be before we know something..  Since all of this began, I have talked to several members of the family and have found that there is quite a history of cancer on both sides of his family...

Thank you to all of you who are sending him healing prayers..

Hi J,

The VA is among the worse for giving you any information. However, he has had a heart ultrasound and it turned out alright ~ well, not requiring any new medications or other treatment ~ there was damage from the lung disease and the normal thickening of the walls of the heart that comes with age. 

He has had a radiography taken from his chest to below his pelvis done and that is where they discovered abnormal lesions and an unexplaned mass...he is having some pain in that skeletal area and has a rampant family history of cancer especially bone cancer on his paternal side. His father, 2 uncles and his grandfather have all had bone cancer with or without other melanoma's. So it is very difficult not to jump to the conclusion that it could indeed be cancerous.

If they would have simply presented the facts as I know them so far; I might not have been so fearful BUT his primary VA doctor has the bedside manner of a stalk of wheat and for them to respond with an immediate appointment combined with an appointment to the hospital within 3 days of the radiography...then add in his doctors statement..

It is scary, and very difficult not to completely freak out...I know that I must be strong for my husband, son and other children..it is not easy though.

From what his doctor stated after the radiography, there does not appear to be any signs/symptoms of problems with any of his interal organs which is a huge relief..


Thank you for your warm response. I am completely lost and I am sure that he is too.

Normally, I am extremely strong..I know you are right..

 In December, my husband was really sick..I finally got him to the hospital for about 10 days with a dx of emphysema and bronchitis..I had known he had breathing issues for years but had been unable to get the VA to diagnose him. When he got out of the hospital; they began running tests on him...now the tests are taking over our lives. The last one was a radiography of his abdomen and pelvic area where they have found a mass on his pelvis/skelatal. On April 17th they are doing a neuron bone scan. His maternal grandfather died from bone cancer. They aren't telling us anything; however, his croutchty old VA doctor told him on his last visit that "he would be praying for him"...I can't stop crying..he is so depressed...we have a 10 year old son who worships his father...and 3 adult children..with 11 grandchildren. He doesn't want to talk about it, even with me...and we have always talked about everything. He won't let me discuss anything with the kids...he is scared and I am beside myself. My mind won't let me eat or sleep..he is on oxygen all the time for the emphysema and sleeping in his recliner all the time now...I feel like the ghost of the house because I seem to be walking around it lost all the time...I don't know what to do with myself and am so scared of loosing him...he is my heart and soul..I am completely lost right now...

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My 62 year old husband is currently undergoing tests to determine staging of pelvic/skeletal cancer. He is a disabled Vietnam Veteran who has suffered years of pain. After a recent hospital stay..the VA began ordering an endless amount of tests; each one more scary than the next. We have a 10 year old son still at home and 3 adult children with 11 grandchildren. I am completely lost and scared out of my mind. He is scared too, and very moody at this time.

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