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    Hi,thank you for your reply.  Since that post my son's tests still show increased seretonin levels. At the end of may he had very severe diarrhea and was hospitalised as he was dehydrated .  He straight after got cellulitis in one leg which has not fully gone...he was on 15 days IV antibiotics . They have ruled out everything and the seretonin tests are the only thing showing something.  His deep node...

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      Hi,i am a mum of a 26yr old son who is currently going through the diagnosis process for carcinoid syndrome.   He has been ill for about 14months and was thought to have lymphoma. Here is a quick review of symptoms .... In january last year he has loose stools with blood,they did blood tests and sample test but nothing found. About march time he had a couple of enlarged nodes in groin,had antibiotics that di...

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