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Update after 6 weeks of RAI Family and friends helped take care of my baby but it was pretty challenging. I was told to stay for 2 whole weeks in my room away from my family. I was kinda chocked it took this long rather than isolating for just 7 days. The doctor said it was because I had a high dose. Unfortunately, the body scan showed a lymph node that the surgeon had left behind. I need to wait a couple of months to see if the RAI had taken care of it. I had many side effects afterwards but the only thing that didn't go is the dry mouth. I wonder if anyone experienced this. Doctor said it will get better after 2 months, but it's been 6 weeks and it's just getting worse now. I also experienced kidney pain since I had the RAI. I will get it checked in a few days. Adjusting to medication is getting better now. I am starting to get back to normal now. I hope I don't need to do this again soon.

On Aug 03, 2017 2:43 PM Brenda059 wrote:

I am so sorry to read this Dana. I remember your post from a few months back and just found a PM from you the other day -- that I had not seen. You and your family are in my prayers.

Thank you Brenda. It was tough, but I don't t feel it's the end of the story yet. I have a big feeling that it has spread to other parts in my body. I'm waiting to make a full body scan on Tuesday after taking the pill 2 days ago. I'm experiencing a burning sensation in my lower abdomen now. Hope that doesn't mean Iodine uptake in that area. Wish me luck:)
So happy for you. Thanks for sharing:) I am taking zofran as well cuz I'm allergic to Iodine. I still feel a little nauseous but no vomiting. Drinking lots of water but couldn't eat anything yesterday. I am also experiencing a burning sensation near my ovaries. I hope the cancer didn't spread to other organs. Since I knew that the cancer has been in my neck for years, I am taking every symptom very seriously now. Not sure why I feel cold- I live in the desert, lol! It might be from the medrol I take to prevent an allergic reaction. The doctor said I should shower many times a day, but I'm feel too cold to shower more than once. Did you shower a lot? Spending time outside sounds great but not in my case. It's 110 degrees outside:D I have my iPhone wrapped in a ziplock bag. It has everything I need on it.
Oops! Wrong post:-/
Thanks. I want others to learn from my experience and take charge of THEIR own body.
Hi, I'm sorry to hear you are going through this. It must be tough on you. But let me give you a piece of advice from my own experience. I was diagnosed with papillary cancer 3 months ago. Eventhough I've been following up with my endocrinologist for the past 4 years, the slow growing cancer was unbelievablely spread and I had to have an "extraordinary extent thyroiductomy" with two wounds longer than normal to remove 11 lymph nodes, level 6 neck dissection and a parathyroid gland. Not to mention the two big scars, excruciating pain, AND the big risk of losing my voice cuz the spread was branched all around the voice nerve- I had a great surgeon, but scar tissue build up and my voice is still very hoarse. Because of the spread, I am in the high risk category for recurring as well. ALL that for trusting 2 doctors with THEIR opinion everytime I had any concerns about the large lymph node and thyroid. Now dealing with guilt is worse than the pain. I have 4 kids and I want to be there for them with clear voice:( Unfortunately, I won't be able to reverse time, but I WISH I could to take immediate action for my health and not listen to anyone's opinion. I wish you the best of luck:)
How are you feeling now? How did it go? I just started today. Im really hoping my body will response to the pill. Dud you get a scan?
I'm trying ti delete/edit this post as it doesn't help me or anyone else here. I couldn't find the "delete" button so I decided to rephrase this. Eventhough I feel angry with myself, but I will be proactive and make better decisions now. I'm looking for suggestions for ANY useful tips regarding: eating healthy, Living healthy keeping my family healthy, enjoying life with C, organizing my health records, Keep track of my own health how to prevent from recurring- if possible
Thank you for replying to me. Your words are truly helpful.

Dealing with guilt/anger

by Dana979 - July 24, 2017

Hi, I was diagnosed on April 29 with papillary cancer. I am getting ready to receive RAI treatment after an extent surgery. I had my thyroid removed, 11 lymph nodes, 1 parathyroid gland, and a level 6 neck dissection and the spread from the core of my skull hoing down 10cm to my chest from my left side if my neck, and was branched around my voice vain. Im SO grateful my voice is fine. I was devastated when doctors told me that the cancer has been there for at least 7-10 years!! I can't believe I've been living with it for so long even though I was very consistent with my complaints about my symptoms and was up to date with check ups. After 1 month of the surgery I still can't get over the guilt for not eating healthy, ignoring all warnings about using stuff that might be cancerous, and the worst part is that I trusted my endocrinologist that ignored my symptoms even though I was constantly addressing my worries for the last 4 years. Just because I had a biopsy done and the results were fine. After checking my records, I found out that she made a mistake with a biopsy to my rIght lobe instead of my LEFT. And never followed up after it again. If I Just read the radiology report that showed many red flags on the LEFT lobe and noticed that the pathology report showed results of right lobe; I would've immediately figured it out. Of course, I fired this doctor now because I've been on a waiting list for 2 months after informing her office with my cancer diagnosis. After my first visit to the new doctor I felt even worse cuz I a high risk for recurring due to the extent of the cancer in my left side of the neck. At the end, she made comments that was hinting to my ignorance for not noticing this very slow growing cancer. Everything happens for a reason, but I feel responsible for not seeking another doctor's opinion. Also, the fear of recurrence and the fear of this happening to one of my beloved ones. These feelings are making my heeling process much more difficult. Now I feel guilty for not being grateful for surviving this long. I wonder if these feelings are normal now or if any of you went through the same?
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