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Caregiver, Researcher
Breast Cancer, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Uterine Cancer
Alternative Treatments, Clinical Trials and Research, Conventional Treatments, Prevention Tips, Recipes, Lifestyle

I’ll be posting weekly at the CancerCompass blog and I look forward to connecting with you. I've been writing about health and wellness for nearly 10 years, including several books. I currently write for Cancer Treatment Centers of America, LifeScript.com and a variety of print publications. I have personal experience with cancer in my family - my mother had uterine cancer at age 45; my uncle had non-Hodgkin lymphoma at 29; and my aunt and grandmother had breast cancer at ages 51 and 80, respectively. I feel fortunate that everyone survived their journeys. I'm passionate about prevention, healthy living and, when we do get sick, having options to tackle our illness. I would love to hear from you, so please read my posts on the CancerCompass blog and share your experiences, comments and questions. Or, follow me on Twitter: @danademas.

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