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    I was diagnosis with stage for lung cancer with tumor in my brain I have had two episodes of chronic fatique after eating beef one time with fever has any one had anthing like this occur.

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      Hi friend, Just to give you encouragement i am in 4th stage Lung cancer never smoked. It will be a fight. I did radiation after surgery an I can say it extended my life a whole year an a half I am getting to do radiation again hoping for better result. I could not do Chemo due to allergic reaction. I would do what your doctor suggest. 

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        Hi everyone  I am new to this site, Like many of you I was diagnosed with stage four cancer a year ago at age 56. after having shoulder pain which I thought was a sprained muscles, later my symptom worsen with I bumped my head on the window sill, I began to exprience headaches and nausea and double vision, vomiting, I went to see my doctor for sick leave within a two week period missing like six days finally I ...

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