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    After my last urology appointment my Doc has me doing CIC every 4 hours also mri done in Sept on prostate must have been looked at again because now it says lesions suspicious for malignancy. I guess my question is should they be sending me to an oncologist or what, keep in mind this is a veteran hospital.....  

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      it was a shave biopsy so can they even tell how deep it goes, not sure......surgery is set for March 6th but I still think this is to far off it's at the VA hospital in La Jolla and they said thats the first slot open......

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        "C.Granulomatous dermatitis. This specimen shows multinuncleated granulomatous dermatitis with abundantelastophagocytosis.There is also associated fibrosis and peripheral ectatic vessels, highlighted with factor VIII.  No polarizable material is appreciated. There is overlying epidermal hyperplasia.       The ddx includes granulomatous reaction to a previously ruptured follicle or cyst (...

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