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On Feb 12, 2020 7:08 AM eabingham70 wrote:

I see this was posted nine years ago, but I wanted to reply that my mother, born in 1940 in Muncie, IN was a "thymus baby" and suffered ill effects during her life, eventually finding a lump in her breast in the early 70s, being told it was nothing, then that it had metasized, and ultimately dying in 1979 at the age of 39.

Hello, eabingham70. 

I am so sorry about  your mother. Some of us were lucky and escaped early death from this horrible "treatment" and so many died way too early. That must have been very hard for you, to have your mother gone from you ... both of you at painfully young ages.

Thank you for posting here - I hope we can keep this alive. The medical community has never accepted blame, or made any kind of apology, to my knowledge. Some people talked about lawsuits, but then, who would the target be? 

If you want to correspond further, please post again here and I'll give you my personal email address.

-- Deavon

On Feb 11, 2019 6:58 PM Johnwooster wrote:

Hello, I just found this thread and have read all of the posts.  I wonder how many of us there are.

According to my baby book, I was irradiated at less than three months of age in 1942.  I have taken natural thyroid hormone most of my life.  In the past twelve years i have had prostate, colon, and skin cancer.  I currently have multiple myeloma with all of the bells and whistles that accompany an incurable cancer.

I have suspected for years that my thymus irradiation was the cause of my health issues but my parents both died when I was in my late teens/early twenties so I wasn't able to discuss this with them.  Thanks for the chance to connect.

Welcome to this message board, Johnwooster. I'm so sorry for your troubles. I know things are very tough for you, and send you many good wishes and virtual hugs. 

Please stop screaming in all caps. We are all concerned, so many have suffered. I'm curious who you would sue?

Also concerned, 

Deavon B

Scanning is more radiation. Ask your doctor about ultrasound.

On Jun 10, 2013 8:47 PM KauaiNancy wrote:

Does anyone know of a Registry online for this? If not, it would be very interesting to see how many of us there currently are who are aware of having our thymus radiated as infants. I'm not sure how to go about creating an official Registry but in the interim, let me know if you would be comfortable with joining an online email list where we could post informative info. I just met another doctor who was aware of this study before I brought it up. That's only 2 docs in fifteen years of treatment for 4 different primary cancers, lung disease and heart failure. Finally they understand the devastation of radiation shown on my chest X-rays. While it was a terrible medical misjudgment in the 40's I must credit all the docs who have managed to keep me up and about since. I would be happy to set up a form in a PDF that we could use to enter our basic info as to where we were radiated, when, etc. Once we see how many people respond I would be willing to seek out and talk to the appropriate people regarding a formal registry. (I am on one for Bronchiectasis) If you're interested please email me at nancy100@nancygrantham.com. Aloha, Nancy

Go to "yahoo groups" and search for "thymus gland irradiation" - a group began in 2000, but has only 19 members as of today (Aug 2018).

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