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    Every situation is different.  What's his Gleason scale number?  That's going to be an indicator of how agressive his cancer is. Since his PSA didn't go down to even the normal range after surgery and started to rise soon after, I'd say that salvage therapy radiation is a reasonable treatment.  That was my situation; however, he should be getting clear communication from his urologist, radiation-oncol...

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      I can personally attest to the various side effects of different therapies and how they could cause or induce depression.  In my experience, hormone-reducing treatment exacerbated problems with sexual function as well as causing additional side effects that could increase depression, such as weight gain, fatigue, hot flashes. With the exception of one primary care provider who was comfortable discussing issues ...

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        I'm currently on Lupron;  however, it appears to be declining in effectiveness, with my PSA increasing over the last year.  I'm testing every two months and currently at 1.4, the previous tests were .8, .5, .1 respectively.  I've discussed when to progress to either Xtandi or Ztiga with both my urologist and hematologist/oncologist.  They have both suggested that when the PSA reaches 5.0+, scans s...

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          This is a critical issue that needs to be addressed.  Thanks for including this article here.

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            Initially, I had substantial weight gain with Lupron.  I've had many of the side effects and continue to have periodic hot flashes and night sweats. I've been on this most recent round of Lupron for the past two years, having been able to take a drug vacation for a year, after the first round which lasted 6 months. My weight got up to 250lbs (I'm 6'0) and I figured enough was enough.  Over the last two yea...

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              I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts about the preferred time of day to take Casodex.  I'm on round two of Lupron/Casodex after being fortunate enough to take a one year break from this treatment.  I'm experiencing the same nasty side effects that I had during the first go round, only this time after about three months back on treatment, they seem to be even worse. Initially, I'd taken the Casodex in the m...

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