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RE: Solid nodule

by dinazulu - February 09, 2017

I switched to a second endocrine doctor. A very well respected endocrine surgeon actually... she told me that my goiter is so large that it is pushing my trachea to the right of my neck...which is creating some problems for me. She could not believe my prior doc didn't happen to mention that. She also told me these FNA biopsies are bs. They almost always come back inconclusive. So March 6th I am scheduled for surgery... Good luck to you as well! Don't forget that second opinions are a wonderful thing!

RE: Solid nodule

by dinazulu - January 03, 2017

Yes. Radiation exposure to the chest and neck area as a child increases the risk of thyroid cancer.  I am just concerned that the nodule changed appearance.  It went from being cystic to solid.  I know that solid nodules are more consistent with cancer.  My biopsy is not scheduled until February 3rd.  I am just a little nervous.


I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease in August 1998 when I was 13 years old.  I underwent chemo and radiation to my chest and neck.  I vaguely recall being told about "other" cancers that I may have to worry about later in life as a result of my radiation exposure.  Well...this is later in life now.

I'm a 32 year old woman who was diagnosed in January 2015 with a goiter. It was an incidental discovery while I was being examined for my complaints of a sore throat and ear infection. Eventually, I learned that it is a multi nodular goiter and I have hashimoto's thyroid disease.  I get periodic thyroid ultrasounds to monitor the size and growth of the thyroid nodules and I take levothyroxine. 

Last week I had another routine ultrasound, but this one did not come back quite as innocent.  The ultrasound is showing  what was once a "cystic nodule" is now a solid nodule...which is slightly more concerning and requires follow up pathology.  Now I am scheduled for a biopsy.  I haven't really had any symptoms out of the ordinary other than my energy level...it's completely gone.  I am exhausted.  I don't know if my thyroid levels are off, if my goiter is growing, if I have cancer.

Any other childhood radiation people out there who are now experiencing similar issues?  I just hope it isn't cancer.

Solid nodule

by dinazulu - December 20, 2016

Last January my primary care physician discovered on exam that I had a goiter. After ultrasounds and a FNA I was referred to an endocrinologist who has been monitoring me ever since. My most recent ultrasound (last Monday) showed that some of the nodules are no longer cystic and are now solid...well one in particular. Now I am scheduled for another FNA to determine pathology of solid nodule. I had Hodgkin's disease 18 years ago with radiation to my neck. any chance that this isn't cancer?

Thank you for your response.  I have not come across anything about genomic testing.  That is something that I will ask about. 

I am not opposed to a partial thyroidectomy.  I never want to have cancer in my body again.  I was just wondering if the next step was going directly to surgery, or if there was something else that could be done to see if it was cancer first.  I like to prepare myself for these types of appointments where decisions need to be made.  I feel like I was given very little guidance and any information I have obtained is through my own research and diligence.

Thank you for saying that it is likely not cancer.  And reminding me that even if it is, it is treatable.

I am 30 years old.  I am planning a wedding.  I am looking forward to a long healthy life.  I do not want anything to interrupt that.

I recently learned that I have a multinodular goiter.  A needle biopsy was performed on one nodule in particular.  The "suspicious" nodule.  My primary care physician read the results to me over the phone.  He said "the results are not showing cancer, but they are also not ruling out cancer."  I have an appointment Monday with an endocrinologist.

I have been thinking about this for a while now, as it has taken me a month to get in with the endocrinologist.  Now that the appointment is Monday, I am getting more anxious and nervous.  I called back to my primary care yesterday.  I said that I wanted the results explained to me again.  The nurse read my doctor's comments directly to me.  She said, "Explained to patient about negative resultsbut possibility of follicular neoplasm."  He could have very well said that to me on the phone the first time, but I don't remember. 

As I understand it, a neoplasm is just any growth of abnormal cells.  So I don't know if there is a possibility of follicular cancer?  Or follicular neoplasms?  I am confused.  I should also note that I have a history of childhood radiation therapy for Hodgkins Disease.

So of course, I started to do some research.  It seems that I need to prepare myself for the fact that it is very likely that the endocrinologist will want to surgically remove the nodule, or even the entire thyroid!  Does this sound right?  What do you think?  I went from thinking nothing was wrong to now thinking my thyroid is getting removed and I might have cancer again.  I need some advice, clarification, insight, help.

I just received my pathology results today from a needle biopsy that was done Monday. My primary care felt a goiter on my neck last month and ordered an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that I had a multi nodular goiter. There was one partially solid nodule on my left side. That partially solid nodule was biopsied. 5 different aspirations were taken of that nodule. My doctor said that the path did not show cancer but it was abnormal. Therefore the concern becomes "Is there something hidden." I am trying to remain positive that my pathology came back negative for cancer but I can't be completely calm since there is a Question of whether "something is hidden." He said he was trying to decide whether to send me to an oncologist or endocrinologist and decided on an endocrinologist. So now I am going there. Why even consider sending me to an oncologist if there is no evidence of cancer in my pathology?? I should mention that I had Hodgkins Disease 17 years ago with chemo and radiation treatment... Anyone else have an abnormal pathology that was not showing cancer? What was it? Looking for a calming voice.

On Jan 24, 2013 7:59 AM Shi71084 wrote:

My husband, a V.N. Vet died of colon cancer at 52. I finally won my claim this year after 12 years.

My mom has also been unsuccessful with my Dad's VA claim. He died of Stage IV Colon Cancer in 2009 and my Mom has been desperately seeking benefits ever since. He was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam as the VA has already acknolwedged his exposure, but they will not recognize the connection between colon cancer and agent orange. How did you finally win your claim?!?! Please, any info would help so much!


My father died in 2009 of Stage IV Colon Cancer.  He was exposed to Agent Orange while he was fighting in Vietnam.  So far, we have filed claims without any success.  However, I just learned that the VA has recently changed their acknowledgment of the link between Agent Orange and Colon Cancer.  Apparently, they have now stated that they can neither prove nor disprove  the connection and in those cases the VA sides with the widow.

I am trying to help my Mom with getting her claim approved.  She is in serious need of financial help.  I cannot find any information other than what I have read on other message boards about widows recently winning their colon cancer claims.  Does anyone out there any any information on this recent change?  If so- where can I find info on the change or the language of the VA's recent acknowledgment?  The previous message board mentioned that the widow re-submitted her claim with various affidavits she found online from medical doctors who stated that there was a connection between colon cancer and agent orange. 


Please, any information or help would be greatly appreciate by my Mom and I.  We have been fighting for years and if there is finally hope we need to know how to prevail.

we find out the results today. i am cautiously optimistic about the results. what is considered a "big" polyp? the one in question for my mom is 2cm. is that big?

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