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Did you fall or ever hurt it?

You need a bubble donut cushion.  Great for tailbone problems when sitting.

Hello Nak....haven't heard from you in a while...just wondering how your dad is doing?  My prayers are with you.  I went through this with my mom

last year....I know the frustrating and helpless feelings you're going through. 

One day at a time is right.  God Bless your father and walk beside him on this quest.
You just made my day and put a big smile on my face Billy....God Bless You!

My mother passed away in November of gallbladder to liver cancer.....just wondering if anyone has had the ultimate fortune of surviving this beast?

Just wondering what symptoms people have before the diagnosis of gallbladder cancer.  My mom had back aches, right side mid back...doctor kept telling herit was arthritis ... now I have a feeling she was misdiagnosed.  Poor woman!

Are there any genetic tests for gallbladder or liver cancers?
Interested in links but they state " page cannot found"

Thanks so much for your reply.  Unfortunately after having to wait one month for an oncologist appointment, (our lovely Canadian system) it was quite a quick visit when the Dr. advised not to have mom go through chemo because she was too weak.  She was actually on new pain meds that were started the day before that were making her very groggy...but to no avail.  So we couldn't do anything but make her comfortable.  How tough it is to watch her get weaker and weaker every day.   The meds take so much from her but without them she's be in so much pain.  I cry and cry but that doesn't help does it?  I keep telling myself that I'm lucky to have had her this long...but I wish I could have her for 88 more.

God Bless your grandmother.  May the chemo work for her so you have her for more years to come. ! 

I will ask her today.
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