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RE: Essiac Tea

by doggone - March 14 at 3:17 PM

I used Essiac Tea for about 6 weeks while taking Chemo for Esophageal cancer in 2011. Can't say how it particularly influenced the results, but I have been cancer free for 7-1/2 years. A sister of my wife used the tea when she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer almost ten years ago. She swears by it. Good luck!

I was treated with radiation and chemo and operated on for esphageal cancer almost  5-1/2 years ago. After the operation, I had difficulty swallowing and underwent regular dilations by a gastroenterologist. I still get dilations every once and a while. At first it didn't seem to stay right, but eventually scar tissue has stabilized. Now I rarely have issues eating even bread and steak. Do the dilation was the key and it may take quite a few repetitions. Good Luck!

RE: Diet

by doggone - July 23, 2015

I am a four year survivor of EC. I tell you that you should do what your Oncologist recommends. You may Also do diet and natural remedies. I did.

Chemo and Radiation killed my cancer. I was also operated on and the biopsy was negative.

Don't try to fight EC yourself with just diet and naturals.

Jenny-I probably had a similar operation 3.5 years ago. I eat three meals a day with snacks rarely. I usually have a full feeling, except perhaps first thing in the morning. I am never truely hungry as I was pre-op. My weight has settled about 8-10 pounds lower now and that's been a concern. 

Otherwise I am reasonably active ( walk, work out at a gym, train dogs) and am in great shape according to my doctor (at age 68). 

Keep moving and enjoy what you do!


If you go on chemo and radiation treatment simultaneously, you may shrink the area affected fairly quickly, so that you will be able to eat and drink. Don't waste time.  Good luck!

I had a j tube into my small intestine for about 4-1/2 months. Night feeding of Osmolite 1.5 was pretty easy, as long as i had enough to last all night loaded. I was told by two doctors to stop feeding at night and get rid of the tube. For the last month it was in it was truly killing me. Painful where the tube went in through the skin. I was glad to get it out. I'm not sure that I can maintain weight but it's worth a try.

The tube was a very inconvenient attachment to my body, right at my bely line. I am a very active person, so I am sure i aggravated the situation, causing pain. I can see where the tube could really help maintain weight, so they may be necessary. Be sure to get a long range plan including termination of the tube. And keep it clean!




Good show on the CT scan! I don't eat enough. My challenge is gaining weight! I am about to look for help on finding high calorie foods.

Thanks for the information, and good luck to you!

Andy when you say doctor you should mean the gastroenterologist in this case, right? He should decide whether to do a dilation based on an endoscopy of your pipes. The chest pain I don't know about, unless you think it is heartburn possibly from acid reflux. Mike 

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