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I'm from kilgore,Tx., married with 2/children & 2/grandchildren. My little brother has glioblastoma multiforning very aggressive stage 4 brain cancer. He's had all his radiation treatments and 5 cycles of chemo,(each cycle last 5-days - 23/days off & repeat). He started out with a mass w/5 small tumors and now they have grown together to form 1-large tumor. We are currently talking to MD Anderson about other types of treatments but I do not have any confidence in any of them. I've been researching other types of treatments and found one that I really have alot of faith in and thats sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). It basically puts more oxygen into the tumor making an environment to oxygen rich for cancer cells to survive. Theirs an oncologist in Italy thats having alot of success with this procedure on many types of cancer, his name is Dr.Simoncine. Just google Dr.Simoncini Baking Soda Treatment and read his web site and watch his videos. After you've done that resopnd back to me I would like your opinion. Thank You

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