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Head and Neck Cancer
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I'm a 64 year wife and pre-school teacher who was dx in Nov '09 with Oral Mouth Cancer. My husband was also dx with Lung cancer with mets to his brain in July of '09. That's the meaning of my screen name. We are both Stage 4 and he has had surgery plus 10 rad treatments and is currently on Tarceva. My Rad treatments start on Monday. 5 days a week for 7 weeks with Chemo on Fridays. I'm scared. They want me to have a feeding tube. I'm also emetaphobic and petrifird that the chemo will make me vomit. I had always said if I ever got cancer....I'd have to die cuz I could never go through something that would make me throw up all the time. Well here I am now.....with cancer and I don't know whether to believe that they really have all these anti emet drugs or not??? Looking for some emotional support. Not meaning to sound like a big baby.....just need to talk to other people who understand.

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