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    I was diagnosed in January. I've had two chemo treatments and a 3rd on this Friday. My question is on the overall survival. I had stage 1. If anyone out there has had this type of rare cancer please let me know how long it has been since treatment. Thanks

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      If they don't call you, then you call them. I had a total hysterectomy on Jan 26th 2017. I called them on Monday and didn't get a call back so on Wednesday I left a message that if I didn't  get a call back in 2 hours I was coming in there. Fifteen minutes later I got a call from a nurse telling me Dr was in the operating room, but would call me later. It took a few hours and he did call me to tell me that they ...

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        I was diagnosed recently with MMMT. Surgery on the 26th total hysterectomy and any lymph nodes involved. I had Colorectal Cancer 9 years ago. 5 weeks of radiation and 24/7 light chemo to up the radiation. Does anyone know what I have to look forward to? How about survival rates. My doctor said I can't have radiation again. Trying to be positive for myself, family and friends, but scared to death. Would like to corres...

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          eaglemobrien Hysterectomy removes all cancer. Doctor wants me to receive four chemo sessions. So grateful.

          February 01, 2017
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