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    To be honest, I dont know. It seems like the doctors are looking to do the cheapest available test first, which I have no problem doing if is accurate enough to rule out something serious. However, I would rather do the most expensive test and rule everything out so I can get on with life. I assume an ultrasound is the cheapest method, thats why it was chosen. I will take your advice and push for an MRI. 

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      Hi all, First time posting here. I was recluctant to post here, but I didnt know where else to turn as I havent received much help from my Dr's on this. I have some questions that maybe some of you going through this could possibly help me out with.  I am 30 years old and have considered myself resonably healthy, going to the gym often (3-4 days a week min) and have been a runner all of my life. However, I wou...

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