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     A  30 person trial was begun in June, 2012 at MD Anderson with "Anvirzel", an extract of the common oleander plant, (www.saludintegral.hn)  in conjunction with two common chemotherapies for patients with lung cancer. The modern folk recipe for  oleander extract is found at: http://www.rose-laurel.com/ "Oleander Soup, OS, is known world wide, being used to help those with cancer, Hep-C, Psoriosu...

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      Anvirzel is the patented form of an ancient folk remedy from Turkey, made from the oleander plant.  A recipe for do it yourselfers is available on the net.  If you google "oleander soup recipe"  many articles on what it is and how to make it are listed. You can't buy Oleander Soup; but, you can make it. The modern self-help recipe for what is called "Oleander Soup",  is found at : http://www.na...

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