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Esophageal Cancer
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My husband was diagnosed with EC , Dec 2011, stage iv, surgery not being offered. Receiving chemo currently,
Xeloda and Herceptin,etc 3rd round. Upcoming scan mid April 2012, this will be the telling tale.. trying to stay positive. CT scan is good news, the right rib tumour is gone says the oncologist in tears, the primary tumour is greatly decreased in size, 2 more cycles of chemo to go, then Herceptin for a while , hope to have another PET scan before considering surgery.Saw the thoracic surgeon May 7/12,who confirmed the right rib mass is gone, surgery is not in order, he advised to finish chemo rounds and then to have regular checks. Met with the oncologist, 26jun2012, primary mass now 6x6 cm, not good, recommends husband get on a trial for TDM1.hoping this will help.Trial not available, nor TDM!, will start FOLFIRI, July 2.12.. the battle continues, Mark has completed 3 rounds of the new chemo regimen, doing pretty well, energy is returning, still on and off tired..next scan end of Sept. Hoping for a decrease in the primary tumour. CT scan today , March 18/13 shows circumferential thickening near the primary site. Endoscope planned. NO mets identified( good news)Will have a PET scan , Apr 16/13 , awaiting biopsy results of the primary site. The primary site still shows signs of cancer, NED elsewhere, radiation is recommended, there is talk of possible surgery after. Very unusual for stage ivs though. One more week of radiation, my husband has very little appetite and says he is just forcing himself to eat. A feeding tube may be the next step, hoping not so. Expect another scan in 6- 8 weeks. Met to discuss scan results, July 19/13, news is not good, mets to the liver and lungs... admitted to hospital as too much weight loss, hospice is next. Palliative care is standing by to help us. Will meet with the palliative team, July 24 to discuss hospice care, the final days are here... Mark passed away , much too soon .

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