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And ironically enough yesterday (3/20) marked 3 years for losing my Tessa :( 

On Mar 21, 2019 12:14 AM mellen wrote:

I can't believe the difference a week makes...we took her in on Monday to discuss the fluid build up with the vet and she had gained 3.6 lbs.  Gracie has been having black tarry, mucousy stools on and off for the last three days and she has been vomiting.  Her appetite has been lacking a bit.  

Anyway, we returned today to get the fluid drained and she gained another 4 lbs. in that short period.  So we were hopeful that it may help her be more comfortable.  The vet stopped the procedure and said she hit solids and that it wasn't all fluid in there but assumed to be tumors spreading in her abdominal cavity.  She then discussed euthansia with us.  

So we have an appointment to say goodbye tomorrow.  My hubby bought a t-bone steak for her tomorrow.  I'm heartbroken but know we are making the right decision.  Just this afternoon she is seriously struggling with walking even.  

Today is one week shy of 8 months since diagnosis.We "" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://diagnosis.We " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">diagnosis.We are going to her so much.  I'm praying that by some miracle she passes tonight in her sleep but know if she doesn't - she will be waiting for us in heaven after tomorrow.  :(.....

Oh hun my heart us breaking for you. I know exactly how you feel and how much this hurts. I also hope she passes on her own but if you do have to make that decision remember you are doing this FOR her not to her. I hate this disease and I am so so sorry you have to go through this. THinking of you and Gracie. I beleive they are all waiting for us and we will meet again.

On Mar 14, 2019 11:41 PM mellen wrote:

Hi Everley and thank you...so I found out it is a build up of fluid.  The cancer is progressing.  She does not seem to have any discomfort.  She stretches out and looks relaxed.  When her belly is palpitated - she does not show any signs of pain.  So we are pretty sure she's still not in pain.

 Last night she was up three times so it was a tough night.  But I don't know if that is because she didn't eat in the morning and we dialed her insulin back - sometimes that takes days to get her body back in sync.

Her stool is normal other than straining a bit.  No blood in it - firm and wet (sounds gross - sorry! lol)...My hubby took her for a walk today and said she was very active and enjoyed it.  We had a beautiful sunny day here and when they returned from the walk she took a long nap in the sunshine.   Praying she continues to be comfortable.  Thank you again for your reply. I guess this is just another thing to add to the list of end stages symptoms. =(      <3

Well the fact that she is still happy and in good spirits is really all that matters at this point. I have not heard of the fluid retention before so yes, that is one more thing to learn about this process for others.

Dont worry about being gross here (or at least with me). I am glad she is doing well despite the challenges.  Spoil her rotten. You're doing all you can and you're a great pup parent! 

Mellen. I'm sorry. This isn't something that I experienced. Is she pooping regularly? She could be constipated from the meds. I certainly would ask the vet what it could be.

On Feb 10, 2019 8:38 PM mellen wrote:

Hi everyone! I am so sad to hear all of these stories but find comfort in knowing we are not alone in our journey. On 7/27/18, our female weimaraner, Gracie was diagnosed with TCC.  She's 11 years old and has been a Type 1 diabetic for 3 years and she was always predisposed to UTI's.  So when she had accidents and blood in her urine we just figured it was another UTI.  The vet put her on antibiotics and then all was good until a few weeks later it was back.  This time he suggested we do an ultrasound.  We did and they found a tumor in the trigone area.  The radiologist and our vets agreed it was TCC based on the ultrasound.  They put her on Peroxicam, sucralfate and femotidine (Pepcid AC).  She's also on insulin (Vesulin) 2 x a day for the diabetes.  We had a repeat ultraound in October (3 mos after diagnosis) and as expected the tumor has grown.  In December she started to have an increase in blood in the urine...real blood - red and thick.  Her urine sample came back negative for bacteria.  So the "temp" vet (our normal one) was on vacation and they didn't put her on anything - just told us to monitor her.  Then over another weeks span it got worse..stringy and mucosy with clumps of clots in it.  She seemed uncomfortable but did not have a loss in appetite or change in behavior.  So I went back to the vet and they gave us antibiotics just to try it out in case the sample was skewed...WOW! Her urine cleared up, she was doing great! And then she finished the round of meds and it came back.  So they put her on antibiotics indefinately.  None of us understand why that is helping but it is..at least with the clots, stringy, bloody urine.  She still has a tinge of blood, pinkish and is doing well for the most part.  Some nights are horrible...she can't get comfy and has to go out several times a night (45 mins- 1 hr 15 mins).  Its difficult on us but she still acts like she's not in pain and has an appetite.  It has been a roller coaster for sure.  I came to this thread because I was trying to find out what to expect.  And that is probably one of the most frustrating parts of TCC in dogs.  It's not the same for every dog and you don't know what to expect.  Our vet is amazing and just a few weeks ago they (husband and wife team) told me to simply enjoy the time we have together because you will know when it's time.  And that is pretty much what everyone else says.  I guess when she stops eating and/or is in pain we will have to make that choice.  I feel guilty saying that I just hope she passes in her sleep when it happens so I don't have to make the decision.  But chances are slim that it will end that way - at least reading all of these posts.  Anyway, I don't know if this helps anyone but maybe if you see the increase in blood, clots and stringy, mucousy bloody urine - ask your vet about antibiotics. (Clavomox)....it's working for us (for now).  In the meantime, hugs to all of you and your furbabies. 

I am so sorry to hear about Gracie. This disease sucks. Any cancer does but it is so hard when your fur baby is sick. My Tessa lived 2 years and 2 months after diagnosis and honestly for 2 years and 2 months I wondered "how will I know when it's time?" I worried all the time because I never wanted her to be in pain or suffer. Of all of these stories my girl did pass away at home on her own. I have had to make that call with my other fur babies and you really do KNOW that it's time. I find it interesting that the antibiotics are helping with the mucus and bleeding. Tessa's got pretty bad. It was really awful to deal with everyday the things that she would pass. We did antibiotics hoping it would help with at least the mucus but in her case it did not. Gracie will let you know how she is feeling and all you can do is spoil her rotten and watch things closely. Enjoy her all you can! Hugs.

On Jan 17, 2019 10:32 PM JoCro0106 wrote:

On Mar 31, 2015 7:41 PM Litasmomma wrote:

My Lita used to do the same thing when she would pee. That low bark I will never forget. You will know and she will tell you when it's time. She will stop eating and you'll notice her diapers are not as full as they were. She will eventually stop drinking as her kidneys shut down and she will refuse even her most loved food and drink items. She will also not be able to poop anymore and may even yelp a little when trying to push. I even had Lita on a stool softener from the oncologist and it did help for a month but eventually the cancer will win and nothing will work anymore. Honestly, I didn't think I would know either and I kept having nightmares that she would start yelping in pain really loud and not stop and I would have to rush her to the vet in the middle of the night and put her to sleep all while she is screaming and yelping. This never happened, thank God, but it was a fear that I lived with as we got closer to the end. But you will know when it's just too much for her to fight anymore. She will let you know.
Tonight our beautiful Noodles was diagnosed with a tumour at the neck of her bladder, she has been given Metacam to slow down the growth and then we return to the vets in 5 weeks for another ultrasound to see if the tumour has grown. We are absolutely devasted, she’s only 7 and is still so full of fun. Her symptoms were/are urinating often but only actually dispersing small amounts. We are praying we have her for as long as possible but any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Our vet has ruled out surgery ??.

JoCro I am SO sorry to hear about Noodles diagnosis. I know exactly how you feel right now. Tessa's tumor was near the neck of her bladder and also inoperable. My heart broke when I heard that. My vet said they "can" place a stint in the bladder if the tumor begins to get too large because what you don't want is to have the tumor block the neck of her bladder and she will be unable to urinate and her bladder could rupture which would be an emergency so you need to watch that closely. I never had to do the stint so I am not sure about the aftercare of having one but you may want to ask your vet about it. Tessa's tumor never responded to the Peroxicam and never shrank. We kept her on it just in case it was at least slowing the growth. She lived 2 years and 2 months from her date of diagnosis which I was beyond grateful for. I remember when the vet gave me the news I thought I was going to lose her within 6 months. But with this horrible disease you just don't know how long you have. Every pet is different. I know your girl is only 7 and that is so unfair. My heart goes out to you. We are all here for you to help in anyway we can. My best advice is to watch her closely, check her urine for blood and clots, make sure her urine isn't decreasing in quantity and of course spoil her rotten. Hugs. 

They don't know they are sick and they act VERY normal which is agreat sign that they are still living a good life. In most of these threads the decline was gradual. Changes in eating habits or behaviors. Nothing appears to be sudden. Spoil him ALL you can. Give him whatever he wants. We never have them for long to begin with but when we know the time is going to be sooner than later I say let the indulging begin! Play football, do whatever he is up for. xo

I love how close Shadow and your son are. What a sweet and special bond. I really think in most cases there is a decline and you have time to realize what is happening. My greatest fear was that the tumor would cause a blockage and her urine would back up and cause a rupture. I was terrfied of that happening. She did begin to strain and the clots started about a year prior to her passing. However they started 2 months prior non stop whereas before she would have episodes of the bleeding and be fine for a week or a month and then it would return. The weekend she passed there was a definite change in her personality. Very lethargic, laying around more, not getting up easily. She lived 2 years and 2 mos from the time of diagnosis and each day was a gift! Yes your son should have the chance to say goodbye. its the hardest thing to do but you will know when it is time to call him or maybe he will be home for the hoildays and can spend some good quality time with Shadow then too. I am glad Shadow has you to take good care of him now. They need lots of monitoring and attention. My mom retired shortly after we learned of Tessa's condition so that she could be home to care for her. We kept pee pads ALL over the house when the bleeding would occur, we also put garbage bags and sheets on the couch, it was a huge mess but we wanted her to feel normal. Keep us posted. Hugs.

On Sep 24, 2018 10:38 PM Helenpatricia wrote:

Our wonderful 12 year old Cocket Spaniel, Shadow was diagnosed with this horrid disease 4 months ago and is being treated with Loxicom. He's been doing great up until the last week or so but now passing lots of clots and having frequent accidents in the house, which he never did before. He doesn't seem to be in any pain, is still loving his food and wanting to go for walks. The question which I haven't really wanted to ask is how did those of you who have lost your beloved pets, know when the time was right? My son who's has been his best buddy for 12 years has just left for university and although he knows, is in denial. People keep telling me that I will know, but what I really want to avoid, if possible is a situation where he is distressed and in pain and that his best buddy doesn't get to say goodbye ??

Im so sorry to hear about Shadow. I lost my sweet Tessa to this awful thing. I was just like you and worried all the time about "when" and "how will I know?" and everyone told me that I would just know. She became very ill on a Sunday (of course) she had eaten her breakfast very agressively that day and then later on began acting strange. Her motor skills changed, she seemed very disoriented, almost drunk in ways. It was then I knew I was going to have to take her in first thing the next day for the dreaded decision. She slept most of the day, wouldnt eat or drink and would only get up to change postitions on the floor. I brought my pillow and bedding into the living room to stay with her. She always went into my moms room to sleep but that night she didnt. Sadly she passed away that night. I recognized the breathing and was right there by her side when she took her last breath. I was bawling my eyes out. You too will know and we are all here for you and Shadow. Hugs.

It really is a great support page. Our stories are all very similar and it helps to hear what other people did and tried. We ALL have the same goal and wanted the best for our babies. Just know you are not alone and we all understand how you feel. You will now get notifications when new members post on here asking questions and needing advice. Its hard to hear their heartache and remembering that same fear I had when Tessa was diagnosed. But somehow its very helpful to talk about it and give information even now that she is gone. I think you'll find that to be true too. 

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