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Caregiver, Survivor, Patient
Leukemia, Skin Cancer, Skin Cancer - Basal Cell, Breast Cancer
After Treatment, Alternative Treatments, Cancer Nutrition, Cancer Prevention, Clinical Trials and Research, Diet, Emotional Support, Insurance, Lifestyle, Massage Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Prevention Tips, Recipes, Side Effects, Spiritual Support, Supplements, Acupuncture

I am a 3 x CANcer THRIVEr with diabetes! Breast, Leukemia and Skin -- 15 years & counting! I believe An Attitude of Gratitude is essential as well as paying-"it"-forward whenever you can. I am an active volunteer supporting other cancer patients and their caregivers, a patient advocate supporting patients deciding on clinical trials, and a staunch supporter of addressing issues that emerge over time for the long-term cancer survivor.

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