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    This article is so true. I have read about it in different medical journals and cancer sites.  However I wonder if there is a soul in the world who could have enough compassion to help me. I have suffered with severe pain every day since I had a "whopping dose" of radiation to my pelvis after the discovery of a tumor, a sarcoma in my glute muscle and hip joint.  Nobody will help me.  I had a hip replac...

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      I am still trying to find out about the bloodwork that many viewers with myxofibrosarcoma are getting.  I have never gotten it.  I have been cancer free by God's grace for 5 years but worry a lot.  If the blood test could ease my mind it seems it would be a simple solution rather than waiting for yearly scans.  Can anyone share about this?  Would be most appreciative!.

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        I was so glad to find this discussion today.  I have had a difficult time finding information on MFS.  I was diagnosed 4 years ago.  My tumor was in the soft tissue deep in my hip.  It took months and months for me to get diagnosed as well.  I would go to doctor after doctor due to severe pain and due to the current backlash on pain medications, all docs thought I was fakeing it to get pain m...

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          It is difficult coping with cancer pain, especially when there is a public backlash against giving patients pain medication. The State of Tennessee and the FDA are making it harder for physicians to prescribe pain medications, and cancer patients to get them - trying to punish the "abusers."  In Tennessee, as a cancer patient, my HIPPA rights are violated as the narcotic I am prescribed must be listed on a publi...

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