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Dear Maxi,

Freddie started taking coq9-marinephytoplankton5000.com when he got off the chemo, Revlimid, in April after fainting and turning a yellow green gray color.  Our son had given him a DVD from his boss on it and Tom Harper of BC who had stage 4 cancer.  We have since found the Tom Harper Phyto Plankton story on youtube.  Freddie takes it 3xs a day with curcumin and a pill for PHbalance.  When we were in Seattle in Sept. for his stem cells to be harvested, he was told at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance that he was in total remission.  He'd been taking the above 3 medications (over the counter) for 6 months.  Hope it can help your finacee too.  God bless  P.S. We have also learned of a French doctor in 1904 who did studies with amazing results.  His name was Rene Quinton and you can find his studies on line as well.

I was having severe inner thigh cramps.  A heating pad helped, but didn't want to keep getting them.  I talked to a chiropractor and he told me to take 800 mg of potassium and and a magnesium supplement plus drink an 8 oz bottle of diet tonic water (with quinine in it) before going to bed.  It worked!  Just an aside.  Whenever I get leg cramps, I remember a priest who told our congregation that Jesus suffered from severe leg cramps while on the cross.  God bless, Freddie's wife

Thanks Quincey.  Will do.  We're hosting our daughter's 21st birthday party tonight.  Freddie's grilling the burgers.  It's a celebration for our family.  God bless.

Dear Amy,  I have such wonderful news to tell you.  Freddie was told he's in TOTAL REMISSION when in Seattle at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.  They are advanced and known internationally for harvesting stem cells for transplants.  Freddie harvested 10,280,000 in a day and a half.  Yes they count them!!! One of Freddie's nurses asked him what he'd been doing and he told her about the marine phyto plankton 5000 and curcumin.  She was checking into it for herself and some of her other patients!!!  Freddie now has me taking the phyto plankton as it helps your body repair itself - so anybody can use it.  And here I thought I was taking care of him.  Even more amazing is that we only had to be in Seattle two weeks.  True, Freddie didn't have a transplant, but we met people there with MM who had been over a year and one for nine months with MM hoping to get their count up.  God has so blessed us.  You are in our prayers.  Freddie's wife

Thanks for all the well wishes.  I'll try to keep you up to date.  Saw my hema/onco doc on Thursday.  Says see you in 4 months.  God bless, Freddie

Dear Maxiteach,

Look Marine Phyto Plankton 5000 up on the internet.  Watch the youtube video on Tom Harper.  It is all about going back to the primordial food chain.  Basic neutrition to help your body heal itself.  We no longer eat close to nature.  Anyway, I get it on line from COQ9.  This is the internet address: coq9marinephytoplankton5000.com .  I've been on it since April after being 5 months on Revlimid and Dex.

Just got back from Seattle where I had my stem cells harvested.  The doc says I'm in total remission!  I know God has played the most important role in all of this.  He has led people to me that have helped tremendously.  My son's boss sent me a DVD about Tom Harper and Marine Phyto Plankton 5000.  I got on it in April after I got off Revlimid (made me so sick that thought it would kill me before MM).  I take it 3 times a day with curcumin.  Just wanted to share my news.  Freddie

We drove to Seattle arriving yesterday AFTER having my credit card invaded - luckily it was caught.  Also found the car needs $1400 work done.  When we get done in Seattle, it's time to look into a new vehicle.  Was supposed to start the tests this a.m. to prepare for harvesting my stem cells.  My wife thought we were supposed to go to the blood draw first which we did.  Thirteen vials later realized that it was supposed to be done in the transplant unit so they sent us off for the rest of the day.  Now I'm on a 24 hr. urine draw.  We appreciate all prayers.  Freddie

Dear photoq,  My husband has MM.  He said to look up what he had me say to Amypa in discussion "Husband has possible MM".  Freddie says everything is processed, bleached, sterilized, and causes many diseases.  He also had me write about it on our discussion of chemo vs. stem cell transplants so look up those discussions and hope this can help your wife.  Freddie's Wife

Dear Amypa,  I'm so sorry.  My husband Freddie was diagnosed last year after his T10 collapsed.  So I can relate to your feeling overwhelmed.  I'd never heard of Multiple Myeloma and here you have lost a mother-in-law to it so no wonder you are a wreck.  My husband is doing well after 1 week of radiation and 5 months of Revlimid 25mg.  He had a horrible reaction to the chemo so we are trying supplements now.  He is on Marine Phyto Plankton 5000 and curcumin (you can learn more about the latter on Margaret's Corner blog).  He is doing really well so we decided to have his stem cells harvested while he is doing so well in case the cancer comes back with teeth.  You can also look the Marine Phyto Plankton 5000 capsules up on the internet.  We leave on Monday to go to Seattle where he'll have the harvesting done.  I will keep you and your husband in my prayers.  God has walked every step of this journey with us and I pray he does with you as well.  God bless, Freddie's wife  P.S. Freddie says the phyto plankton has to smell like a fish aquariam or it's no good.

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