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    Hi, sorry to read about your challenge. There are so many very good alternative therapies and treatments to choose from; it can be confusing to find the right one. You may email me for more information about Photodynamic Therapy (please rad my page) if you're interested in finding out whether or not this therapy can help your condition. Thank you and stay well. In the meantime, please keep drinking lemon water and st...

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      No, in my humble opinion, you are not being petty at all and you do raise very valid points. Keep strong and stay with your instincts. Share as much as you can and keep acknowledging the rights of ALL those facing the cancer challenge. With respect, Gabriella.

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      For many decades the search was on to find a Body-Friendly yet Medically viable solution to Cancer treatment for those whose bodies cannot withstand chemotherapy (etc), or have been advised they are 'terminal' or simply choose not to take the conventional path. This is the result: Sono PhotoDynamic Therapy (SPDT). USA Initiative: Tel: 317-670-0829 OR Australia +61-427-669-370

      I'm Gabriella, patient coordinator and co-founder for our specialized cancer clinic new to the USA. Our Cancer Treatment protocols stem back to to 1995, achieving significantly good results for patients. A scholar.google.com search for PhotoDynamic Therapy will yield over 140,000+ medical journal & research/clinical trial responses. Our clinic provides the very latest in SDT and PDT technology combined with the best detoxification in the USA and nutraceutical & our systemic/holistic approach with a view to healing the cancer condition and eliminating cancer cells/tumors at a cellular level are achieving great success with no side effects and completely non-toxic! Medically proven and approved.

      I feel blessed in my work for our clinic as it allows me to speak daily with people who are facing the cancer challenge and I've learned so much from these inspiring & courageous people. I hope to be a source of support and encouragement to many people as they call on me for advice, guidance and a 'better way' to treat their condition.

      Most of my callers are looking for treatments that are non-toxic and have few if no side effects, as they have seen the traumatic effects of the commonly prescribed treatments for cancer conditions.

      I can offer assistance with this treatment called PDT and SDT and I will be happy to discuss this privately with anyone at their request. I am also here simply for support if anyone needs or wants to talk about anything from nutrition to emotional matters. I am a trained nutritionist and also a trained counselor and have much experience in these areas. Please share with me, as I would dearly appreciate the opportunity to know you & have you share your experiences & story with me. I can also then share my story with you. These are the ingredients for a good friendship.

      We cannot offer guarantee's or a cure for cancer, (and anyone who does offer a guaranteed cure, must be investigated thoroughly) - however I can offer a viable and aggressive, targeted, highly effective non-toxic medically integrated option that has only recently been introduced to the USA after significantly high success in many other countries in the world.

      I'm here to help in any way I can and I come here with an open heart & mind, so please feel free to connect with me.

      With respect, Gabriella.

      If you would like to view our website for all the information about our specialized and unique treatment, please feel free to email me directly here at CC or on 317-670-0829 Indiana. Thank you.

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