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RE: What next?

by galileesea - May 07, 2015


Yes, my dad (age 51, diagnosed stage 4 in May 2013) had clear scans for over a year, then a small recurrence in his liver, and now has had a clear scan again.  It is possible!  My dad does folfirinox.  He has never stopped treatment, but it has been more spread out (for awhile he did it once a month, now he does it every three weeks).

I feel like not many people get to this point, so there aren't tons of answers out there.  Luckily, my dad has some really great doctors, a few of which are at Mayo in Rochester, MN.  We trust them to give us good advice.  So, I choose to focus on the things that I can help him to control - diet and exercise.  I highly recommend the book, "Life Over Cancer."  It's all about integrative care and addressing the root causes of the cancer.  Not to suggest it's a panacea, but I think it's quite compelling.

I guess I kind of feel like the more time my dad buys with the best existing treatment, folfirinox and radically healthy diet, the greater the likelihood that he'll get to benefit from new treatments as they come out.  

Definitely let me know what you discover!  It sounds like we're in similar situations.

Thanks a lot for your responses! 

Bryan51, I'll be thinking about you as well!  It sounds like your situation is very similar to my dad's, so I'm certain you'll have good results!  To be honest, I don't think my dad ever got his last tumor marker, but the one before that was about 100.  So it's not as though it was perfect, but quite low.  I'll make sure he asks at his next chemo appointment in a couple days; he has to do once monthly maintenance rounds of folfirinox.  My dad is not currently taking bitter melon, though I am working on getting my hands on some seeds or checking out an Indian grocery store.  The one thing that was probably unique that we did was feed him tons of green smoothies, packed with spinach and kale and berries and whatnot. 

PunkyD, thank you for reminding me that we do have hope!  Sometimes it's important to hear it from someone outside the family.  We are just not sure how to feel, but as my dad starts to feel better after the grueling chemo regimen, we all start to feel better.  I can't help but think about the future, but I know I need to just think about the now and be grateful for every moment we have. 

Thanks again for the well-wishes!  I send them right back to you. :)

Hello, all.

My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer on May 2nd of this year.  He had mets to the liver.  He turned 50 on May 31st, was healthy, and never smoke or drank excessively. 

Of course, this diagnosis broke our hearts, but we have gotten good very good news.  My dad did 9 rounds of folfirinox over 4 months and at his last scan, literally all of the cancer was gone.  There was nothing to be seen, and he has been declared to be in total remission. 

I realize that this is the best possible outcome we could have asked for.  My question is, how common is this?  Can we hope for the future? 

We are helping him with a special, mostly vegan diet which we are following from the book "Life Over Cancer."  It's about integrative treatment of cancer and I highly recommend it.  The most important question I'd like to ask is what else can we be doing right now?  Are there any clinical trials or new treatments out there that could make sure this never comes back?  The problem is that right now, there is no visible cancer to work on, so cyberknife and the like are not options, and surgery does not seem to be a possibility.  I just hate the idea of sitting around waiting for it to come back.

I'd appreciate any thoughts or comments!  I truly hope that you all are able to be as lucky as my dad.

Hello, all. 

My dad was diagnosed one month ago just before his 50th birthday.  He has stage 4 pancreatic cancer with some mets to his liver.  He was otherwise in good health; he did not smoke and hardly drank. 

I'm posting this because we got some good news today, and I would love to hear some of your experiences to put it in perspective.  My dad's original ca19-9 level was 2,800, and today, we got the news that after onlyonetreatment of folfirinox, his levels are down to below 900. 

I know that this is very good news and is indicative that the cancer is responding, but long-term, is this meaningful?  What are your experiences? 

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I am a 23 year old girl whose father was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in May of 2013. He turned 50 one month later. We received the news in October 2013, after 5 months of folfirinox, that he is in complete remission. This response is so rare and we are so grateful, but I am still afraid every day. He's the toughest person I know and I hope that the cancer will stay far away... The one thing I am able to contribute to his health is to encourage him to eat a very healthy, mostly vegan diet with lots of cruciferous vegetables.

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