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    All I can tell you is that my husband stopped Temodar in March, 2011 after being on it for two years as he was stable.  He had also been on Avastin since 6/09 and remained on it until a recent break of 8 weeks due to his protein levels being too high.  His scan this week showed a new tumor and the original tumor has also grown.  Given his experience (he'd been stable since 6/09 with no growth at all) I...

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      Please let us know how you make out with your calls and any appointments you may get. Thinking of you. Jennifer...

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        Hi there, so sorry for all that you're going through with your husband.  I know it must be frightening and frustrating that the doctor's don't seem to be doing more for him.  I don't know where your husband is being treated or what type of doctor is treating him, but my recommendation would be to get to a hospital that specifically treats brain tumors.  You need to see a neurologist who specializes in ...

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          Since you are my "go to peeps" for answers, I figured I'd run this one by you guys. Isn't the use of prophylactic antibiotics tied to chemo meds and NOT to steroid use?  I was under the impression that once Gary completed his Temodar cycles (his 23rd and final cycle was in March) he could stop taking Dapsone.  I asked his NO and he told me that it was tied to steroid use (Gary is still on .50 mg of Dex) an...

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          March 6, 2009 my husband Gary was diagnosed with a right frontal lobe GBM. He had a 99% resection on 3/12/09 6 weeks radation and Temodar Post Radiation MRI on 6/18 -- showed regrowth and cross over to left frontal lobe Began Avastin and higher dose Temodar on 6/26. Avastin is every other week and Temodar is 5/23 8/4/09 -- MRI showed 40% reduction in tumor size and significant decrease in edema 9/29/09 -- MRI showed another 10% reduction in tumor size 10/22 -- MRI was ordered as Gary was having pain in his head. MRI findings were same as on 9/29.
          11/24/09 MRI, still stable;
          1/19/10 MRI, still stable;
          3/16/10 MRI, still stable;
          5/11/10, MRI, still stable;
          7/6/10, MRI, still stable;
          8/17/10, MRI, still stable;
          10/14/10, MRI, still stable;
          12/9/10 more of the same!
          Stopped Avastin 12/14/10 in order to have surgery on 1/17/11.
          2/17/11 MRI still stable. Has not begun Avastin yet. 3/1/11 PETscan negative for tumor activity.
          Final Temodar cycle was on 3/11/11 -- for a total of 23 cycles.
          Started back on Avastin on 3/17/11. Getting infusions every 3 weeks at 15 mg/kg.
          4/26/11, MRI still stable;
          6/21/11, MRI still stable;
          8/23/11, MRI still stable

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