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Thyroid Cancer, Brain Cancer
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I am a Wife of 29 years and Mother of 5. We are not the best cancer survivors in my family! Lost dad to leukemia in 8 days, age at death, 36, mom to Gioblastoma multiforme brain cancer in 6 months, brother had prostate cancer and still living, sister died from diabetes at 36! I am not a fan of medicine, as I haven't seen it help my family at all. I do not believe I would ever have chemo and not even sure about radiation?? I want to change this heritage for my children! I am trying to live a healthy life and will fight sickness using alterative measures if at all possible. I now have been told I have two nodules on my right side of thyroid. So I had a biopsy of two nodules, one is 3.1x2.1x2.4cm, this one has Atypical Follicular cell groups and Atypical cells, malignancy can not be ruled out, the other is 2.4x1.7x2.3cm with Follicular cell groups yet negative for malignancy. So my Endo wants me to have surgery, After 60 days still no clue as to cancer or not just Atypical cells?? and they want to operate!!?? Why would I do that if they dont even know I have cancer??!! The thyroid is such an important part of the body I will keep mine as long as possible! LOVE this board! Helped me so much with my Mom's cancer!!

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