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He will be in my thoughts and prayers!!!!!

I am so sorry for your loss!!! I lost my husband 4/17/13 and was hard. Please know he is at peace


Prayers always


I have heard such bad stories about hospice. My husband was put on hospice this weekend. I have never met such a nice group of people in all my life.

As of this evening they told us the maximum amount of time he would make it would be 2 weeks and was doubtful it would last that long.

I am so greatful for all the help these people have given me.

thanks Linda

yes please go to the ob/gyn and if you are not satisfied go to another

Thats what I did. Hospital gave us the cream and he slept on his side. Seem to be getting better.

Thank you very much


My was diagnosed stage 3 lung cancer in 06/12 and went to his brain 12/12. He is home now with 1 bed sore on his tailbone. How can I treat this at home without medical advice. Any info would help.

Thanks Linda

Thank you Byrd for your words


I understand your burnout feeling.In 06/12 my husband was diagnosed with stage 3 inoperable lung cancer. Went through chemo and radiation for 7 weeks. In 12/12 they found out he had mets to the brain. Two days after christmas he had brain surgery with more radiation.He was 185 now 120.

I am just exhausted so I know how you feel. Some days I dont go to bed till 12 or 1 AM.

The wine tasting sounds like a good idea in fact I love it !!!!Thanks

My prayers are with you!!!!

My husband was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer which spread to his brain. This is his 2nd round of radiation. It seems that his body just cannot take anymore. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this. He could sleep for days. Any info will be appreciated



My husband was diagnosed 06/01/12 with lung cancer. Received chemo and radiation for seven weeks. On 12/27 he found out it had spread  to his brain, so he had brain surgery. A week later his legs and ankles had swelled, they swelled so much that his skin was splitting. No blood clots, was given water pills and still swelled after 1 week.Did I say that the skin is very red. He is getting to the point that he can hardly walk.

I was wondering if anyone has run into this problem?Sure would like to hear any suggestions.Thank you

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I am a 62 yrs old.Lost my dad in 97,sister in 97, and my brother in 2010 and now my husband has been diagnosed 5/31/12 with lung cancer.In 12/12 found out it had spread to his brain and had the tumor removed. In february started radiation.

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