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Lung Cancer

I had an adenocarcinoma 10mmx10mm. acinar predominant, bac features. url (vats) march 23, 2015. No lymph node involvement. was found on early ct scan MYinsistance, general practioner never encouraged ct..I insisted, as I was a heavy former smoker quit 3 years ago. Channel 6 in Milwaukee, WI came to my hair salon about a month ago (June) and did a human interest story on me regarding how ct scans save lives for smoker/former smokers or others at higher risk for lung cancer. It should be airing soon...will let others know on this sight. I am physically doing really well. feel almost 100%, but...emotioanlly? Harder recovery. We have 3 teen girls, and I have a fulfilling busy life. The "what-if's?" are creeping in a lot. what if it comes back? what if I don't live to see grandchildren? etc.etc. I find a hard time finding info on stage 1a, as far as: "You are lucky, now get on with your life." GGrrrrrr!

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